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Ferumbras' Ascendant starting place

25 Jan 2016

Today we have added starting places for ferumbras ascendant.

Be carefull those demons are really powerful and aggressive.

You can find this place in the house at the corner of darashia city.

We are also working on releasing Full parts of this Quest soonly and add rift warrior outfit to the shop as that soon too.

We have also fixed with this update a lot of map gliches and PZ blocking/loosing spots.
New items from those demons can be sold to NPC Fiona or Rashid.
All those changes are going to be applied after server save tomorrow.

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Server issue

22 Jan 2016

Somehow server stopped working I'm already trying to get in contact with @Gunz and fix the server up as fast as possible please be patient.

Server is back online some compensation will be posted tomorrow

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Nightmare Isles/bug fixes

16 Jan 2016


Today we have added missing world change Nightmare Isles northly from darashia city.

We have added Nightmare Teddy quest on nightmare isles.
We have fixed ceiron's wolf tooth chain amulet doors (possible to open now without pre-quest).
We have fixed santa music box playing,ferumbras teddy santa and maxxen santa,snow globe can be bought now from Ruprecht at vega for christmas tokens.
We have fixed drown on many underwater places.
We have fixed some visual bugs on fury gate.
We have added grynch clan goblin raid also in edron and carlin.
We have fixed Yakchal doors possible to enter without quest but only with higher level then 150.
We have fixed visual bug in folda points quest.
We have increased slightly unrealized dream drop from guzzlemaw,retching horror,chooking fear,demon outcast.
We have added new command: !legacydepot which will allows you to switchback to old Depot System!

And few more we will rewrite this news during this day.

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