Question about outfit bonusses

28 Nov 2015

As topic say I would like to ask you dear players what addon bonnuses would you like to see on new outfits.
Royal Pumpkin
Sea Dog
Recruiter (will be reward for recruiting people without bonusses)
let your comment with an opinion here...

Also tomorrow we should be moving to the other server so there might come like 30 min downtime but it will bring here new Hero Fortress cave in Edron,New outfits and New Mounts(bonnuses are depending on your posts) from 10,82 tibia.

All the users what are using 10.8-1 tibia version will be seeing new outfits as citizen outfit to prevent debugs on their clients.

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Beta Android App released on Google Play!

24 Nov 2015


Today we would like to announce that we have released our long awaited app on the Google Play. Let's move Open-Tibia to next level!

Get it on Google Play

The iOS version of App is in developement and will be released in couple of weeks!

The app is still in beta version and you can experience some crashes, which you can report using Google bug tracking system!

Enjoy and have fun!

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Unexpected downtime

23 Nov 2015

We are sorry for the unexpected downtime (close to 6 PM) but the problem came from the hoster's site we couldnt expect that but everything is working back again clearly.
Hope you understand.

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