Beta Android App released on Google Play!

24 Nov 2015


Today we would like to announce that we have released our long awaited app on the Google Play. Let's move Open-Tibia to next level!

Get it on Google Play

The iOS version of App is in developement and will be released in couple of weeks!

The app is still in beta version and you can experience some crashes, which you can report using Google bug tracking system!

Enjoy and have fun!

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Unexpected downtime

23 Nov 2015

We are sorry for the unexpected downtime (close to 6 PM) but the problem came from the hoster's site we couldnt expect that but everything is working back again clearly.
Hope you understand.

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Client update to 10.82 / What is going on

21 Nov 2015


Today we have updated the server version to 10.80-10.82. The multiprotocol system will be turned on for some days. We recommend everyone to download a new 10.82 custom client from our download section. After the update to 10.82, a new areas will be added as long as new outfits and mounts! The update may come in about week.

We are also preparing for new 10.90 Chistmas update update which may come in about month. This will include new areas & quests & outfits & mounts.

We are also working hard on our iOS/Android application which will allow you to chat with your friends in-game whereever you are on mobile or you can chat in the in-game channels (Help/Advertising etc.)! There will be also two-factor authentication enabled in the app so your account wil be much more secured!


GunzOT Team.

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