#Issue shutdowns

03 Oct 2015

Hi dear players,

As you ofcourse seen today we had some shutdown issues.

We will enable double experience event for the everyone under level 300 and decrease harder bosses experience to ensure balance.

The event should start in next hour and ends at the evening hours sunday.

When your double exp are not working try to relog.

We do apology for the problems it may cause.

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Change log 10.1

01 Oct 2015

Today we have changed few things like the exp stage at the last rank or ground quest places.

(Featured screenshot wins Night Waccoon mount)

~We have fixed sugar plants harvesting.
~We have added spawn of Wild Horses East from thais also a raid with them.
~We have removed protection zone from supply selling NPCs. (Gray island/Warzones etc.)
~We have changed Ethno warlock spawn to the stronger one.
~We have changed 1x exp gain since 300 to 1,5x exp gain.
~We have fixed few houses around Ankrahmun.
~We have fixed some spawns with demons in Edron.
~We have fixed Anihilator chests.(it was possible to move with them sometimes)
~We have fixed protection bugs in Zao also the spawns of some Zao city places.
~We have increased Svargrond sea serpent spawns.
~We have added some decoration into the Thais Depot/Temple just for a test.
~We have changed exhaustion on Intense Wound Cleansing "exura gran ico" spell to lower.

Upcoming changes in a next days might be new WIKIA system what should give you more info about monsters/quests and the other things what are not equivalent to real tibia.

Also we plan to enable VIP system back again but for low cost and long time.

Hope you like those changes also we call for a feedback from all of you to report us any bug you found anytime.

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Froid's lost wife Quest

26 Sep 2015

Hello dear players,


(featured screenshot Skrillex wins a Silverneck mount)

Today we have enabled new quest for lower levels for free shop points.

Reward = 10 shop points

NPC = Froid (in the quest room you can find teleport which leads to him)

Level required = 150

What do you have to do ? - Exactly the new area is also a hunting place with a lots of Dragon Lords,Hellspawns,Infected weepers,Infernalists and Vulcongras.

To earn a reward you need to kill 3 bosses what are spawning on this area once per hour (speak with Froid he might tell you more about what happend to him).

Bork - This boss is not really strong but has has a strong combo like 800~ max per turn.

Zorb - This bos has stronger melee hits and also many spells with small damage but high frequency.

Hellate - This boss has the most HP and strongest melee so try to keep a distance.

They are not realy hard but spawns rarely.rnrnYou can find them here,here and here.

We hope that You will like the new feature.rnrnWe also changed MagicWalls back to static 20s and added Mage Outfit to the shops but it's pretty expensive so its rareness might stay.

See Ya in-game gamers.

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