News Ticker History
26 Jun 11:33
Store Discounts have been enabled once again until the end of the weekend.
From June 26, 11:30 CEST, to June 30, 23:59 CEST there is your unique chance!
24 Jun 22:24
Due to one or two small unexpected glitches that forced us to make server save at an incorrect time, we have enabled 20% experience boost for the whole server until tomorrow evening at 0:00.
Happy hunting!
24 Jun 20:35
Houses problem fixed: Due to some database problems that occurred today we had to reset all houses state to today's 15:15 (about 4 hours earlier).
We apologize for all the problems it may cause.
21 Jun 09:29
RAPID RESPAWN: From Friday 10:00 CEST the rapid respawn weekend will start on Gunzodus.
It will last until Monday at 10:00 CEST.
Feel free to farm Charm Points in our new Bestiary system as much as you can! (Charms will be part of upcoming update)

20 Jun 10:22
Today we have added into our store latest outfit and mounts in case you get one of them you need to have installed the latest client from our website.
Owl Keeper, Guidon Bearer, Cart mounts, Crocovile mounts!

19 Jun 11:42
Imbul NPC transcription between center/centre teleporting has been fixed/adjusted.
Yakchal/Zushuka spawns in their lairs were drastically increased
Few Venore houses walls where items could disappear were revamped so this won't happen again

All jewelry NPCs now buy out small enchanted ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire

18 Jun 14:33
We have slightly buffed loot of Brokul boss as it seems not to be hunted as other bosses but his power either.
Also, we have added kick transcripts on NPC Captain Jack, so it's not possible to block the boat there anymore.
16 Jun 17:02
Added command !bestiary monsterName for fallback compatibility client 10.00 so you can check some of your bestiary stats. (example: !bestiary dragon)
16 Jun 08:27
Bestiary: After today's server save, the first phase of Bestiary update was enabled which mean you can farm charm points as much as you can and later on (after second phase will be released) you will be able to transfer those charm points into Charms.
Please remember that you can farm charm points on both clients but if you want to browse Bestiary and see your current stats, you have to check it on Client 12. Soon we will release command which will allow you to see some stats on client 10 too (eg. !bestiary dragon).
14 Jun 08:18
There is going to be a 20% experience bonus enabled until the end of the weekend starting from June 14, 18:00 CEST, to June 16, 18:00 CEST!
Happy Hunting everyone!
13 Jun 17:45

Threatened Dreams Quest updated, another missing small mission is availablenow .
Lighting up the light sourcesstone mosaic, and moon sculptures after picking up a mission from NPC Maelyrra, you can obtain the Blossom Bag after finishing this mission.

12 Jun 17:49
Golden Outfit will be available to obtain after next server:
Radiating unique magnificence and extravagance, those of royal blood will award it only to the most prestigious and prosperous Gunzodunians in exchange for a generous donation.
More info here.
King TibianusQueen Eloise, and Emperor Kruzak will give you the base golden outfit for 500,000,000 gold.
If you want to complete this glorious looking outfit, you can obtain each addon for 250,000,000 gold. 

Note that these outfits are going to be the most expensive in-game and you'll need to download latest client from website to see them!
12 Jun 08:14
Store Discounts have been enabled until the end of the weekend don't miss your chance, we wish you happy hunting with new equipment!
10 Jun 13:03
Castle Wars: There is a new proposal thread posted on our forum regarding new PvP content. If you are interested in new PvP content, We would be like if you post your opinion on that proposal HERE.
10 Jun 11:38
Buying blessings were added to every temple NPC. That means that command !bless will be removed from the game in the future updates. Remember the price of blessings depends on your current level. 
You can simply buy blesses by hi,bless,yes from temple NPCs now.
7 Jun 10:46
Winterlight Solstice is going to be enabled this weekend once again and unique sleigh mounts are going to be available after delivering percht skull to NPC Frosty located on Winterlight Solstice.
The event is limited for this weekend only!

6 Jun 11:52
Oramond Catacomb daily changing spawns such as Minotaur Amazon, Moohtant, Minotaur Hunter, Worker Golems, War Gollems, Hell Spawn and so on were reworked drastically!
Their spawn amount is changed now and highly dangerous even for the higher level.
5 Jun 14:34
Threatened Dreams Quest was enabled back again. You will need to finish few pre-quest missions before trying to charge lit moon mirror, sun catcher and gleaming starlight vial on Feyrist.
You are going to be able to obtain butterfly ring items from the Sun Mosaic after building your own old map about where's the treasure hidden.
Obtaining old map is necessary in order to talk with other Feyrist NPCs.

The old map is artfully drawn. It tells you to search for a stone sun mosaic in the very south of Thais.
You discover something shiny that is hidden beneath the stones.

Swan Feather Cloak quest mission will be released later after we are done with our preparation for Day/Night/Sunset/Sunrise time changing in-game.
4 Jun 16:02
Prey rerolls rework was implemented so it works as intended on global:
That means that each bonus level counts separately if you use bonus reroll it will:
- either keep your current bonus but with a higher value
- or change to other bonus with its previous value
- if your current bonus has level 10 it will 100% roll to different bonus
- You have loot bonus 10/10
- You roll to damage boost to 5/10 (separated roll from loot bonus)
- You use roll again, you can roll to loot 10/10 or ?/10 different bonus or damage boost with a higher value than 5/10 the roll you had before (eg. 7/10).
3 Jun 16:45
Due today's afternoon few unexpected downtimes we have enabled compensation of 40% experience bonus for the next 3 hours until June 3, 20:00 CEST.