News Ticker History
17 Jul 19:18
Thanks to the mighty and fearless Gunzodunians we had potion gain improved until today's evening since Rise of Devovorga event was succeed.
Unfortunately, those times are over and all potion gains were changed back to the normal state.
Happy hunting!

Congratulations, Gunzodunians!
16 Jul 14:59
The full moon has a strange impact on the island of Grimvale. The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
Something powerful and strange has started to move on Grimvale!
Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.

15 Jul 14:46
STORE DISCOUNTS: as we have posted a week ago we have enabled again promotions for items in-store, from July 15, 11:30 CEST, to July 20, 23:59 CEST there is your unique chance to get your equip/outfits and mounts cheaper!
We wish you happy hunting with new equipment!
14 Jul 20:33
PayPal Update: Since some players had some problems with PayPal payments we have completely rewritten our paypal payment script and everything should be fine now. If you still have some problems feel free to contact us through email or forum private message.
11 Jul 13:50
RAPID RESPAWN: Start of this event will be on July 13, 10:00 CEST, till July 15, 10:00 CEST.
During Rapid Respawn Events, non-boss creatures respawn three or four times faster than they usually do.
Feel free to farm Charm Points in our new Bestiary system as much as you can until the next phase is released.
Happy Hunting everyone!?
10 Jul 08:22
Dream Warrior Outfit was released as the last Dream Labyrinth boss was released either (Plagueroot).
To obtain this gorgeous unique outfit you need to slain each boss of Dream Court at least one time but since yesterday server save when was Plagueroot released, not if you have already done it before.
After slaying all six bosses you have to talk with Vanys or Undal located on Summer/Winter Dream Courts.
To obtain first and second addon you need to deliver them five Pomegranates and one Ice Shield.

9 Jul 19:15
Due to one small unexpected downtime, we had to make another fast server save to fix this small glitch, server will be back online in a minute, as compensation for small downtimes there will be 20% experience bonus enabled for the next ten hours!
9 Jul 16:16
NPC Hagor at desert quest now sells out silver key 4022 for roll while he's starving there, go and help him for a small reward, while silver key open doors to another silver key 4009.
8 Jul 15:33
Plagueroot another Dream Labyrinth boss will be released with next server save!
Also with this new change came out another two new missing items from winter update living vine bow and living armor.

From time to time it will teleport itself to a different place in the room.
Avoid standing right in front of it. To make the battle easier, do not allow the Plant Attendants to become Plant Abominations.
Earth Damage heals the boss, so shouldn't be used against it.

7 Jul 18:23
Thanks to the mighty and fearless Gunzodunians who drove Devovorga back into her abyss, your potion gain has been improved.
You made it - Devovorga, the incredibly powerful weapon sealed deep below Vengoth, was destroyed!

Upon her death, the energy was released all over the world - the next week, it will boost your health and mana potion gain.
Congratulations, Gunzodunians!
5 Jul 16:06
Loyalty Winners Announcement: The following people that have participated in our event last weekend have been chosen!
Reward items will appear in your mailboxes.

1x24xchance to obtain
Tungt Weed
Maciek Baza
Lord Thor
Fight Fight Fight
Little Cherry
Mocny Full
Ice Bushman
5 Jul 12:59
There is going to be 20% experience bonus enabled until the end of the weekend starting from July 5, 10:00 CEST, to July 8, 10:00 CEST!
Happy Hunting everyone!
3 Jul 13:37
Rise of DevovorgaStart of this event will be on SundayJuly 7, 18:00 CEST - our world is going to experience for the second time Rise of Devovorga.
She's going to spawn on the place she is supposed to (under Vengoth here) so no pre-quest/world changes are necessary to be finished.
If the world success by slaying Devovorga, the whole server will gain 20% potion gain boost for the next whole week.

1 Jul 14:26
Thawing Dragon Lord: with the next server save there will be released next missing boss, and next unobtainable items used mostly for decoration.
If fights in close combat using both Ice and Fire attacks. It uses the Ice Crystal Bomb almost every turn, which added to the melee damage means almost 1000 hit every turn, regardless of positioning.

Bar of Gold - Fifty of them can be seen near Gnomillion.
This was an Unobtainable Item until the Summer Update 2018.

1 Jul 08:48
Loyalty Experience bonuses has been enabled from today's morning. Happy Hunting!
27 Jun 13:19
LOYALTY WEEKEND: Upcoming weekend (29th-30th) there will be a special loyalty event ongoing on Gunzodus.
If you participate in this event you will gain special bonuses for next week. Loyalty depends on how many hours you will be actively playing on Gunzodus during the weekend.
In order to participate in this event, you will need a character of at least level 150.

- If your character will be active for at least 5 hours during the weekend, you will receive a 10% experience bonus for next week.

- If your character will be active for at least 10 hours during the weekend, you will benefit from a 20% experience bonus during next week.

We will also choose random 10 people that will be online for at least 15 active hours that will receive special rare collecting items that will be unveiled on Sunday evening!

Being active means your character is not in the protection zone and/or house or training area and is actively doing RPG or PvP on the server.
Happy hunting!
27 Jun 10:53
The Percht Queen is going to be awakening once again and you will have your chance to obtain Perch Raider outfit with new sleigh mounts.
Be brave enough to resist the perishing cold that originates from her chambers and stop it from creating a neverending winter, you've got your chance now.
27 Jun 10:52
Due to yesterday unexpected downtimes, there is going to be 30% experience bonus enabled from June 28, 10:00 CEST, to July 1, 10:00 CEST.
We want also to announce that we have found the issue and fixed it right away.
Happy Hunting!
26 Jun 11:33
Store Discounts have been enabled once again until the end of the weekend.
From June 26, 11:30 CEST, to June 30, 23:59 CEST there is your unique chance!
24 Jun 22:24
Due to one or two small unexpected glitches that forced us to make server save at an incorrect time, we have enabled 20% experience boost for the whole server until tomorrow evening at 0:00.
Happy hunting!