News Ticker History
13 Nov 15:37
RISE OF DEVOVORGA: Start of this event will be on SundayNovember 17, 21:00 CEST - our world is going to experience a special November event - Rise of Devovorga.
She's going to spawn on her regular place (under Vengoth here).

If the world success by slaying Devovorga, the whole server will gain 20% potion gain boost for the next whole week!
Also, there will be Rapid Respawn enabled for the whole weekend (during this event non-boss creatures, respawn three times faster than they usually do) and the legendary Stone of Insight will be possible to exchange for a few experience points with NPC Milos only during these days.
8 Nov 14:19
BONUS EXPERIENCE WEEKEND: There is going to be 20% experience bonus enabled until the end of the weekend starting from November 8, 16:00 CEST, to  November 10 , 22:00 CEST.
Happy Hunting everyone!
4 Nov 20:13
DUKE KRULE: with the next server save there will be released our next boss of Summer Update 2019 and with this change, there are also coming four brand new items!
Duke Krule is using two kinds of spells on the participations of the boss room, one will turn u into a water elemental and after a short period of time, you will explode doing ice damage around the target that has the spell on itself.
The other one is changed to fire elemental doing fire damage around itself.
Hitting the enemy with opposite spell elemental look (fire/water) will lead to a deal high amount of damage to the attacker.

Duke Krule is healed by death damage so you should avoid using it, the key is to stay spread not to stay close to each other.
Duke Krule's location is Under Thais' Ancient Temple.

E.g.You see a bear skin (Arm:16, magic level +4, protection earth +11%, fire -2%).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot).
It can only be wielded properly by druids of level 230 or higher.
It weighs 44.00 oz.

E.g.You see a terra helmet (Arm:9, sword fighting +2, club fighting +2, axe fighting +2, protection physical +5%, earth +5%).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 230 or higher.
It weighs 31.00 oz.

3 Nov 15:12
BONUS EXPERIENCE DAYS: There is going to be 20% experience bonus enabled until the end of the weekend starting from November 4, 10:00 CEST, to  November 5, 20:00 CEST.
Happy Hunting everyone!
31 Oct 08:25
THE LIGHTBEARERIn that special time of the year when the veil between the worlds is thin and darkness is striving to break through, Lucius calls for Lightbearers to keep sacred light basins burning for three days.
This event is limited from October 31, 16:00 CEST, to November 4, 10:00 CEST!
30 Oct 18:26
THE MUTATED PUMPKIN raids have started to be more frequent since its Halloween weekend is starting soon, also with this unique raid, you have now a smaller chance to loot item that gives you full Royal Pumpkin Outfit or Jar of Honey which boosts your character once per hour for 100.000 experience points!
Spooky Halloween Gunzodunians!
29 Oct 18:52
Due to a few small unexpected downtimes, we are enabling as compensation 30% experience bonus enabled until the 10:00 AM next day!
28 Oct 14:01
CARNIVORA'S ROCK: our latest change was focused on one of the most hunted and profitable places, creatures in this place are now going to provide Damage Reflection of Physical Damage ?%.
25 Oct 12:46
BONUS EXPERIENCE WEEKEND: There is going to be 20% experience bonus enabled until the end of the weekend starting from October 25, 16:00 CEST, to  October 27, 20:00 CEST.
Happy Hunting everyone!
23 Oct 11:00
FERUMBRAS CIRCLE: with the next server save there will be added on the map more time asked and missing spawn/map called Ferumbras' Circle is one of the harder spawns with strong creatures of Ferumbras' Ascendant but really worthful for high levels.
Spawn time and rate on this place will be still under the testing phase so it might change in the future.
21 Oct 18:45
HALLOWEEN EVENTS: as every year on this spooky night, we are again enabling our Halloween features starting two outfits with this day thematics.
Until the 2nd November, there will be enormous discounts enabled on two spooky outfits in our store: Pumpkin Mummy and Royal Pumpkin Outfits.
Also, this year there will be coming raid of The Mutated Pumking starting few days before 31st October and on Halloween night!
There will be also a possibility to obtain Halloween even potions but the secret of them won't be revealed yet.
21 Oct 12:09
MAZZINOR Fixes: with today's server save we have fixed issue where Mazzinor could heal over 50,000 healths per turn, caused during some specific situation. 
Remember: Every few rounds, Mazzinor will become Supercharged Mazzinor, which makes him invincible.
After 10 seconds, it will cast an energy ultimate explosion that hits all squares of the room and can deal up to 24,000 or more damage.
However this hit can be avoided, to do so players must step on the existing vortexes done by killing Wild Knowledge creatures in the room.
17 Oct 22:31
RAPID RESPAWN: is coming to our server once again and the start of this enjoyable event will be since October 19, 10:00 CEST, till October 21, 10:00 CEST.
During rapid respawn, non-boss creatures, respawn three times faster than they usually do.
This is your best chance to farm charm points in our new bestiary/charms system as much as you can until the weekend is over!
17 Oct 13:04
THE PERCHT QUEEN: is going to be awakening once again and you will have your chance to obtain Perch Raider outfit with the latest sleigh mounts.
Be brave enough to resist the perishing cold that originates from her chambers and stop it from creating a neverending winter, you've got your chance now.
The event is going to be limited for this weekend only!
15 Oct 10:53
True Frost Flower Asura, True Dawnfire Asura, True Midnight Asura are now spawning with a quite stronger amount in their special places also boss Kalyassa now drops Dragon scale boots as supposed to.
14 Oct 11:09
With today's late-night hours, the full moon will gain a strange impact on the island of Grimvale.
The small forest there seems darker, filled with nightly howls.
Something powerful and strange has started to move on Grimvale!
Grimvale drowns in werecreatures as the full moon reaches its apex and ancient evil returns.

9 Oct 11:06
BONUS EXPERIENCE WEEKEND: There is going to be 20% experience bonus enabled until the end of the weekend starting from October 11, 16:00 CEST, to  October 14, 20:00 CEST.
Happy Hunting everyone!
9 Oct 10:55
With tomorrow's server save there will be applied houses fix, some small part of houses are missing exits and so on.
Going to be working with the next server save.
3 Oct 12:20
Falcon Knight, Falcon Paladin, Diremaw, Deepworm have been slightly reworked, especially at their speed as far as they were moving quite fast, now they should behave more as intended.
Also, we have made a few more minor fixes all over the server.
2 Oct 11:13
FURIOUS SCORPION: today we have released another missing boss of Summer Update 2018/Secret Library.
The boss is located in Darashia Elite Dungeon as far as this change came up there will be one more new exit from a dungeon, through this boss location.
(can be useful while some PvP actions occur)
You will be teleported into the room on the eastern side. As you walk to the west into the room, 4 Skeleton Elite Warriors, 2 Undead Elite Gladiators, and the Furious Scorpion will spawn in the room with you.
You have 5 minutes to kill the boss, loot the chest and leave through the teleport to the south.
Furious Scorpion is one and only creature except for Horestis, that may drop Scorpion Sceptre too, but the chance is evanescent.