Guild Information

Trabalenguas Team.

Recluto gente latina activa con Teamspeak 3.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 24 Aug 2019.
Current leader is Andres Famous.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Super Grime 359 Master Sorcerer
Vice-Leader Ruco 150 Royal Paladin
Elder Druid Reyju 249 Elder Druid
Mr Chivo 244 Elder Druid
Chichi Boom 284 Elder Druid
Andres Famous 217 Elder Druid
Nino 140 Elder Druid
Turco 205 Elder Druid
Fallen Emperor 228 Elder Druid
Pablohs 330 Elder Druid
Poison Guevara 250 Elder Druid
Cuajinator 262 Elder Druid
Kiing Electrosk 356 Elder Druid
Sonoo Bloom 277 Elder Druid
Pucujberlo 387 Elder Druid
Ciroc 362 Elder Druid
Monout 293 Elder Druid
Four Seassons 256 Elder Druid
Ed Asesino 297 Elder Druid
Thomurka (t) 385 Elder Druid
Rompe Orto 215 Elder Druid
Brus Pegada's 252 Elder Druid
Mvp Druidiska 255 Elder Druid
Hi Im Negrosu 269 Elder Druid
Hspy De La Tierra 274 Elder Druid
Hspy De La Hoja 271 Elder Druid
Pro Anex Booms 260 Elder Druid
Master Sorcerer Malicious 357 Master Sorcerer
Avattar 291 Master Sorcerer
Kali Mist 315 Master Sorcerer
Argelia 250 Master Sorcerer
Zombraxx Senpai 365 Master Sorcerer
El Alcaide 263 Master Sorcerer
Atas Mors 252 Master Sorcerer
Curuna Vairuz 214 Master Sorcerer
Szszszszszszs 219 Master Sorcerer
Maguito Malo 254 Master Sorcerer
Just Berlin 255 Master Sorcerer
King Lukiitas 186 Master Sorcerer
Elite Knight Roku 225 Elite Knight
Royal Paladin Kavlowski 387 Royal Paladin
Penta Kill 371 Royal Paladin
Gaboro 295 Royal Paladin
Nerin Lemos 362 Royal Paladin
Dark Mexpax 193 Royal Paladin

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Ak Moquito Pistola 392 Royal Paladin