Guild Information
Toxic Os

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 27 May 2019.
Current leader is Lucktime.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Lucktime 265 Elite Knight
Vice-Leader Pentakills 328 Elder Druid
Louksz 265 Elder Druid
Member Poodle 270 Royal Paladin
Manuel Mora 142 Elite Knight
Avergrs 349 Elder Druid
Bordok 254 Royal Paladin
Lalo Oldschool 257 Elder Druid
Alex Owna 259 Royal Paladin
Maalik 325 Elder Druid
I'm Coming 283 Elite Knight
Mini Owna 300 Elder Druid
Healers 261 Elder Druid
End Game 297 Master Sorcerer
Extaxy 236 Royal Paladin
Bryz 270 Elder Druid
Brazop 290 Elder Druid
Adyiib 252 Master Sorcerer
Dr Machu 105 Elder Druid
Por Tu Culo Te Doy 165 Elder Druid
Boompow 257 Master Sorcerer
El Maldito 287 Master Sorcerer
Meliwiek 20 Druid
Insane'gera 252 Royal Paladin
Blunt Style 55 Royal Paladin
Chopsuey 259 Elder Druid
Finesquestd 260 Elder Druid
Bordokito 167 Master Sorcerer
Sopa Nissin 221 Master Sorcerer
Assessino 235 Elite Knight
Meliwiekk 235 Elder Druid

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Assessiino 348 Elite Knight
Rottweiler 268 Royal Paladin
Pablo Carniphila 269 Master Sorcerer
Wero 251 Elder Druid
Gera Full Tanka 227 Elite Knight