Guild Information
No Fear

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 28 May 2019.
Current leader is Guden.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Guden 516 Elder Druid
Vice-Leader Don Chucky 266 Elder Druid
Member Golf Gtd 275 Elite Knight
Xolt 280 Master Sorcerer
King Kev 261 Elder Druid
Froontarn 167 Elite Knight
Dark Healer 300 Elder Druid
Doska 255 Elder Druid
Extremetech 253 Elite Knight
Bartho Lomew 207 Elite Knight
Naddie 217 Elder Druid
Lill Paug 231 Elder Druid
Eseo 139 Elite Knight
Codeina 113 Royal Paladin

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Tivi Hard 279 Master Sorcerer
King Chucky 262 Royal Paladin
Dr Rechard 304 Elder Druid
Doren Mera 155 Royal Paladin
Lemarz 279 Elder Druid
Chucky Mas Flam 162 Master Sorcerer
Matzon 366 Elite Knight
Coca Cola 287 Royal Paladin
King Piieer Nas 238 Elder Druid
Mera 164 Druid
Iguano Holbox 252 Master Sorcerer
Kuzgun 258 Elder Druid
Piieer Nas 211 Elder Druid
Crespo 145 Knight