Guild Information
New Era

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 31 May 2021.
Current leader is Immortal Falas.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Rashid Immortal Falas 916 Elder Druid
Fearless Marcin 881 Elder Druid
Fearless Ezharito 1052 Elite Knight
Camelrider Fourty Kilo Warrior 592 Elder Druid
Kebab Maker Cavassy Love Vingy 425 Master Sorcerer
Hastu 779 Master Sorcerer
Ultimate Gi 687 Elder Druid
Extreme Low 831 Elder Druid
Sandoz 765 Master Sorcerer
Clone One 1118 Royal Paladin
Fast Boi 832 Elite Knight
Tikaa 744 Royal Paladin
Angry Monester 939 Elite Knight
Kronos 612 Master Sorcerer
Tiesto Memory 795 Master Sorcerer
Offensive Victor 661 Elder Druid
Javier Diaz Tijuana 475 Elite Knight
King Zuber Ll 674 Elite Knight
German Emperor 711 Elder Druid
Menhir 581 Elite Knight
Heartz 713 Elite Knight
Sneasly 1030 Master Sorcerer
He Yo 713 Elder Druid
Mardito 1095 Elite Knight
Apollin 978 Elder Druid
Vicious Victor 1010 Elite Knight
Damage Boi 709 Master Sorcerer
Frezer 658 Elite Knight
Healing Boi 710 Elder Druid
Evil Hellsoul 552 Elder Druid
Monester 1040 Elite Knight
Malvina 770 Elder Druid
Coco Marco 722 Elder Druid
Dikanka 763 Elder Druid
Maskin 710 Elite Knight
White Stone 476 Master Sorcerer

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Extreme High 737 Elder Druid
Sneeky 632 Master Sorcerer
Lord Lothse 1276 Elite Knight
Imperator 792 Elite Knight
Master Oro 948 Elite Knight
Treze 917 Master Sorcerer
Agresywny Snuffy 444 Master Sorcerer
Soul War 669 Elder Druid