Guild Information
Natural Selection

All information from the leader and vice leader.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 04 Jul 2019.
Current leader is Ice Bushman.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Ice Bushman 420 Elder Druid
Vice-Leader Heihachi Mishima 399 Elite Knight
Nalesniczek 359 Royal Paladin
Member Sky'watcher 362 Elder Druid
Wesoly 378 Royal Paladin
Bestu 267 Elder Druid
Darilix Denikortos 380 Elder Druid
Veegaa 316 Elder Druid
Bog Zniszczenia 370 Royal Paladin
Zoltek 263 Royal Paladin
Kongo Magician 347 Elder Druid
Dkghs 272 Elite Knight
Rahmir 403 Elite Knight
Bushman 423 Royal Paladin
Robertus 254 Elite Knight
Specialized 295 Elite Knight
Nyxe 259 Elite Knight
Naddie 230 Elder Druid
Trebutelon 258 Royal Paladin
Naddiie 291 Royal Paladin
Peknieta Struna 287 Elite Knight
Xazerf 428 Master Sorcerer
Ratio Glatt 248 Elder Druid
Imperishable 286 Master Sorcerer
Pushes Quickly 265 Elite Knight
Amidamaru 396 Master Sorcerer
Malowana Lala 283 Elder Druid
Camth 219 Royal Paladin
Lubie Bufu 181 Master Sorcerer
Xadet Maell 252 Elder Druid