Guild Information
Mocny Wjazd

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 18 May 2019.
Current leader is Malinkaa.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Malinkaa 274 Elite Knight
Vice-Leader Warrior Marzas 301 Elite Knight
Elder Druid Princesskaa 307 Elder Druid
Czarodziej Ms 289 Elder Druid
Brzenczyszczykiewicz 270 Elder Druid
Verdinio 268 Elder Druid
Laduje Bez Kitu 272 Elder Druid
Royal Paladin Bog Zniszczenia 288 Royal Paladin
Elite Knight Bloczek 251 Elite Knight
Mavercikk 304 Elite Knight
Block 265 Elite Knight
Rahmir 331 Elite Knight
Master Sorcerer Luzaczek Cie Odjebie 289 Master Sorcerer
Nobotak 292 Master Sorcerer

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Marian Bombowiec 359 Master Sorcerer
Bialy Czarodziej 203 Elder Druid