Guild Information
Jokers and Smokers

We are here to drink pepsi and kill people and we are all out of pepsi

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 05 Jul 2019.
Current leader is King Olifant.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader King Olifant 344 Royal Paladin
Vice-Leader Boppa 461 Elder Druid
Sasuke Uchiha 363 Master Sorcerer
Daniastino 388 Royal Paladin
Captain Mestor 337 Elder Druid
Olifant Slayer 354 Elder Druid
Hurre Slayer 383 Master Sorcerer
Jensa 464 Master Sorcerer
Dondeus 338 Elder Druid
Yoda 250 Master Sorcerer
Paladin Monster 332 Royal Paladin
Killing People 267 Master Sorcerer
Clown Fiesta 422 Elite Knight
Smokafari 380 Royal Paladin
Beamer Boy 323 Master Sorcerer
Space Bolt 298 Royal Paladin
Tjack Och Luder 263 Elder Druid
Petalpeta 306 Elder Druid
Aridox 313 Master Sorcerer
Revour Buckerzs 206 Elite Knight
Ching Chong 307 Master Sorcerer
Xander 308 Elite Knight
Skeleton 420 Elder Druid
Folkskygg 266 Elder Druid
Bitchin 283 Elite Knight
Psilocybin 267 Royal Paladin
Blvck Ceiling 213 Elite Knight

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
King Simkan 586 Elder Druid
Rushem Kappa 468 Elite Knight