Guild Information
Dobre Geesy

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 12 Oct 2020.
Current leader is Astonge Zajazd'mode.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Skun Qatari 1066 Elder Druid
Astonge Zajazd'mode 668 Elite Knight
Mozani 501 Elite Knight
Marihuana Yung Zajazd'mode 708 Master Sorcerer
Chimera 827 Master Sorcerer
Dziedzic Zajazd'mode 748 Elder Druid
Karimiuz 912 Elder Druid
Dobre Geesy Kyle Deathmode 908 Master Sorcerer
Craze 748 Elder Druid
Talar Ed 419 Elder Druid
Elchi Ludo 728 Elder Druid
Tanko 962 Elite Knight
Kiperlana 922 Royal Paladin
Immortal Falas 693 Elder Druid
Olifant Slayer 542 Elder Druid
Cavassy 751 Elder Druid
Manual Astonge 204 Master Sorcerer
Ak Desco Reloaded 713 Master Sorcerer
Gymek 745 Master Sorcerer
Ibrahimxmax 604 Master Sorcerer
Kalakz 750 Elder Druid
Im The Cunts 532 Master Sorcerer
Colz 562 Elder Druid
Orszabalatro 351 Master Sorcerer
Fack 319 Master Sorcerer
Kingdom 504 Elite Knight
Horus Charlover Mode 619 Elder Druid
Drogowiec 554 Elder Druid
Ak Jandy 508 Elder Druid
Shizer 716 Elite Knight
German Emperor 567 Elder Druid
Waleczny Piotrus 453 Master Sorcerer
Rile No Resp 680 Elite Knight
Jul'ms 944 Master Sorcerer
Sneasly 951 Master Sorcerer
Cookiexzor 516 Elite Knight
Full Afk Hffs 490 Elite Knight
King Electrosk 529 Elder Druid
Naru From Kurwa 329 Elder Druid
Xanet'h 350 Elite Knight
King Stew 769 Elder Druid
Bober Mastah 616 Elite Knight
Eggy Boy 477 Elite Knight
Stopalizze 466 Elder Druid
Bangkok Transgender 531 Master Sorcerer
Kraxoz 449 Elite Knight
Big'daddy 928 Elder Druid
Sinnessjuka Lenny 287 Elder Druid
Szczesciarz Kamil 508 Elder Druid
Hunter 460 Royal Paladin
Lenny Maskin 513 Elite Knight
King Of Magic 663 Elder Druid
Cannabis Fanatic 571 Master Sorcerer
Wave One Gold 614 Elder Druid
Cha Dal-geon 346 Elder Druid
Naumende Edzio 567 Master Sorcerer
Siuu 513 Master Sorcerer
Dzynio 659 Elder Druid
Pani Panda 556 Master Sorcerer
Toph Beifong 605 Royal Paladin
Legendario Inmortal 366 Elder Druid
Wyjasnione 564 Master Sorcerer
Bombastik 447 Elder Druid
Secretiv 404 Elder Druid
Hazzek Insane 484 Master Sorcerer
Bullet 514 Master Sorcerer
Royal Most Wanted 690 Royal Paladin
Corona Dokter 319 Elder Druid
Angel Quezada 187 Elder Druid