Guild Information

Newly created guild. Leader must edit this text.

The guild was founded on Gunzodus on 09 Dec 2016.
Current leader is Skunek Savage.

Guild Members
Name and title
Level and Vocation
Leader Skunek Savage 446 Elite Knight
Godwar Krishak 332 Elder Druid
Vice-Leader Jaracz Oporowy 311 Elite Knight
Paladinka (borat) 439 Royal Paladin
Kilo Skuna 470 Elder Druid
Gibonek 329 Elite Knight
Member Giboniasty 313 Elder Druid
Money Tree 306 Royal Paladin
Krishak 251 Master Sorcerer
Colly Palzielone 477 Royal Paladin
Rahowski 277 Elder Druid
Vlad Tepesh 309 Elder Druid
Xizzy 248 Master Sorcerer
Dildo Vagins 300 Royal Paladin
Buncol 321 Royal Paladin
Jason Ross 515 Royal Paladin
Grasek 294 Master Sorcerer
Buska 343 Elder Druid
Teka 427 Elder Druid
Swir'ek Nisamowity 291 Elite Knight
Cygan 381 Master Sorcerer
Mefedron Master 377 Elder Druid
Bleeky 346 Elder Druid
Smak'ms 376 Master Sorcerer
Twojnoswmojejdupie 409 Master Sorcerer
Awesome Emil 439 Master Sorcerer
Uszok Byk 462 Elite Knight
Pigul Wielki 331 Elder Druid
Tralla 291 Royal Paladin
Poxe 271 Elder Druid
Rosalynn 386 Elder Druid
Bokserka 362 Master Sorcerer
Kubi 302 Master Sorcerer
Cynamonowa Lila 348 Master Sorcerer
Joincik 291 Elder Druid
Kali Rucha Psa 300 Master Sorcerer
Snaxiu 291 Elite Knight
Don Poldon 302 Master Sorcerer
Bonio 325 Master Sorcerer
Palladynka 283 Royal Paladin
Momk 204 Elder Druid

Guild Invites
Level and Vocation
Ciapatus Hokus 264 Elite Knight