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Ankrahmun pyramids

I try to be polite in all of my posts, but this is one over the fucking edge. Can we get the REAL fucking protection zone spacing in ankrahmun please? The bottom of the fucking pyramid steps should NOT be protection zone. The fucking paths should be 3 spaces wide, not fucking one. And this bullshit with the MC pking spamming anti-push and pushmax is out of fucking hand.

I'm not an entitled douche bag so i'm not asking for any compensation on the death due too this, but i am going to continue to be extremely pissed off about this issue, as well as the last 4 i reported that got deemed "Low priority."

06:25 Cramitclowny [412]: Youre an idiot
06:25 Cramitclowny [412]: and on ignore
06:25 Cramitclowny [412]: Die in a car crash.

25 April 2019, 06:04 Died on level 413 by West Coast Rap, Grimx, Nofuks Given, Ak Astudillo, Bezczel'ek, Hyzbrizlium Nin and Yung Hand Auto.

As far as i'm concerned, incorrect fucking protection zones, and missing keys are bugs, this one was simple bug abuse because of that. Fuck the anti push and shit. This was abuse of the protection zone being too big, and is the mappers fault. I aint even mad at the team, the played it the way it was, i'm mad at the admins for not taking reports seriously on my last few issues.

for the record since you wanna paste shit out of context...
00:23 Hyzbrizlium Nin [270]: you rly
00:23 Hyzbrizlium Nin [270]: so trash

00:25 Hyzbrizlium Nin [270]: you got mental issues
Just a quick reminder, thats how it all have started:

Anti-push is out of hand indeed, its getting ridiculous at this point.
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