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Suspicion of Rule Violation

I think some of that chars were MC also they are using combo leader.
5 ed almost 1 hit 450 rp....
Thats also annoying

Died on level 452 by Polskiboii Awh'guyw, Pang Boom, Venvixuss, Mik Laro and Ielpu.
They are not to my knowledge using any MC
They just have insanely high magic level
Check our ips at that time =)
are you kidding? don't claim this bs just because you're angry they're high level mages with insane ml, of course they're gonna f you up.

more like RoyalQQ :----DDd
Well max spells and ue hit really hard.
Unless you have might rings on and fire/ice protection gear, you will get f**ed
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