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Lost cuz crash.

I lost my bp and items because crash/crashes.

Why "crash/crashes" because i was on resp then crash then die, then login then go one more time again then crash. To be honest it started morning today and continues all day, to be honestx2 I forgot to buy bless between one crash and the other but its not my fail, itsserver fail, so i ask for recuperation. First thing is lvls, second is bp and money.
Hello, what have you lost in your backpack?
1kk in cash for sure, i dont know exactly, probably h-lvlxbow, manafluids, bolts, some loot, dont know more, didint watch my bp alltime, i remember i had 2 silver tokens, in depo i have one, but im not sure if i had it in bp.
Fixed issue on your character
Thank you. Thread can be closed.
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