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I have a bug with ghastly dragon task.
in quest tracker i have activated task but when i kill GD's i doesn't count me to task.
when i talk to Grizzly adams "Task" theres no GD task and when i talk "cancel" theres still no GD task.
someone can help me with this?
your not the only one, ive been asking the gm to fix that for 1month now. seems like they don´t give a fuck
whole grizzly adams is fucked up and they dont give a shit
u cant even sell trophies and tasks get bugged after u done it few times
Hello i have the same, but with hydras on my 2 characters, here and royal erczii, gm please fix it.
I was checking this issue, everyone who gets stuck in a task somehow is not possible to repeat it more than 10 times. As far as you did that the task won't counts up, we'll be maybe changing this 10x max repeating in the future.
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