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Open Tutor Application

Hello, my name is Ordningsvakten, but you can call me Vakten.
I'm 22 years old, no life and been playing tibia since i was 6 years old.
I'm fluent in both English and Swedish.
I've been tutor in alot of nameless OT servers before, and ive grown some interest into taking my experience and help players at this server.

I would be very glad if you would accept my request of being a Tutor.

Kind Regards
You're welcome in our helping team
My name is Krzysztof in english its Christoph.
Played on gunzodus few years, i was tutor on Ixodus.
My knowledge about tibia is very wide cause i playing on rl too.
Oh hello Kristof we still remember you from our previous teamwork welcome back!
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