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What a Foolish Quest bug!

I try to do the outfit/addon quest but the mission didnt appear on my quest log, and when i try to do the mission 3 (12 pies) i talk to the npc Maribell and dont say anything.
Tested 3rd mission works fine.
The pie mission works, but it’s a bit different from RL tibia. You have to trade with her to get the pies instead of doing the whole flour thing.

HOWEVER, I’m stuck on the mission where you fool Sam to buy 2000 shields. I have the ink but Sam doesn’t respond to you. Any tips?
Do you have the contract paper? Let me catch you in-game we'll test that one together as far as I know there's some small glitch for sure.
I don't, all I have is the ink. Sam doesn't respond when you talk to him.

I follow the wiki-transcript and I've tried every reasonable solution so idk if you guys have anything else that might trigger him?
im in the same mission than Paladin Monster, i talk to sam but doesnt work, he cant give me the contract.
The mission of the cookies are bugged, the npcs doesnt respond at the mission "hi, cookie, yes".
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