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Whole eq disappeared

I was going to pick-up my wz2 reward and whole server crashed, it was about 4;20-pm. I've logged in at 17;39 and i had no eq, backpacks on my character. The set i was wearing is yalahari mask (mana leech), boots of waterwalking, royal scale robe, magic sword (critical, mana leech), spirit guide, grashoopper legs. In backpack i had potions, runes and trade items and 1 gold, small token. Ty for quick respond cuz all i can do now is sit in depo.
So your saying that you lost ALL your items in this crash ? Even the one you were wearing aswell ? Seems weird to me.

When i logged in i had no items, backpack, nothing. Just 3320 free cap.
Nah bro, im not falling for that mate, was a nice try tho
Are u kidding me lol. Gm can check it and if im faking it just perma ban.

I am gonna take a look at your issue.
Problem solved
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