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Prey System

I think it would be a good idea to make sure no bosses appear in the prey system, and even remove some low lvl mobs
And make same chance for every monster
Agree, to get grim reapers you have to waste some times 5kk+ or even more and some monsters apear almost on every roll

Which bosses appears in Prey for you?
For sure Pharaohs
ye, pharaons, and more like Energy overlord.
I think mobs as slugs, wasp, bonny bunny, dwarfs etc etc, no one will use prey on this.
if u want get a skeleton, falcon, prision or nightmare isle mobs, is so hard, and u need waste a lot of kks
Really good idea, you'll always waste alot of money because low level mobs roll 90% of the time.

Edit: possibly make it roll depending on the level if possible?
Ye, really good idea. For example i have demon on every roll... So preys are not balanced, u should fix it becoz guys have right, its so hard to get grims skeletons falcons or library moobs.
Funny you guys don't got cash on lvls 450+ I spend 43kk for rage squid one time but still I'm rich preys are just for waste some cash cause in late game you got to much
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