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buff rp plz

unfortunatelly RP has always been the "with me u got more exp" vocation and when it comes to solo hunts he cant eeven compeete with mages or even ek
what about diamond arrows dealing more damage? I mean it is quite stupid to see diamond arrow crit for 280 with 145distance
I would seriously buff those and also maybe a bit stronger exevo mas san
Exevo mas san, summon using aoe spells, RP can use avalanches, diamond arrows together pretty strong solo aoe.
Just to remind the RP is supposed to be single target DPS character it's not a mage
well ure right however this is OTS and also skill exhaust is way lower than rl tibia
knight can exori every tour, mages can ue 2-3 times in a minute
and RP is still in shit
I'm talking specifically about solo hunting
Maybe we could change exevo mas san cooldown from 3 s to 2 that would change a lot am sure.
I hope this change happens and maybe a bit stronger diamond arrows
When could we see this change happen? And hopefully Diamond arrows a little buff
I think adding a bit of damage to diamond arrows, reworking how crit works for paladins (so it works like RL, critting 10 damage is not fun) should be sufficient to put paladins in a good place.

Paladins are a really cool, fun and unique vocation, lets make their power levels seem fair too!
yeah, today I've dealed 13dmg due to a critical attack
mas san ever 2s would be cool but also the diamonds arrow should be buffed, those do no dmg at all therefor rp is the weakest
Diamond Arrow attack damage was buffed by 10 for next days lets see how the buff goes, mas san is already at 2s too.
You got this Vallais
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