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How to get levels and money fast

Originally posted by Aran Awruk on 17.08.2018 12:58
I suggest you guys to go play Non-Pvp on Real Tibia.
No Bot, No MC, "real players" and your not getting pked.

Lol, your thinking processes are killing me.
I want to PvP but 90% people are retarded pussy ass players, who can't even press exura by themselfs.

Using excuses like `oh, everyone uses a bot, so do I; it's just an ot blabla` makes me puke. If you want to shine with your pvp skills, turn off your fucking bot and show me how good you are.

People are botting 24/7, getting high levels, using healing bots, mwtimers and others scripts and then they act like god of pvp LOL

How is that satysfing when it's bot that plays for you.

There you can show how good you are without bot. Plenty of servers. Dont try to get an OT to be bot-ilegal. ROFL

There you can show how good you are without bot. Plenty of servers. Dont try to get an OT to be bot-ilegal. ROFL

Why can't I show it there lol. I understand it's an OT and it's people choice to use bot or not.
But everyone should be fucking ashamed for using any kind of bot.
Yet people still flex theirs items and `skills` while using bot LMAO

And about afk botting/money making - that's just toxic for server itself. It ruins the economy of server so real players can't do shit.

this kid tryna stop bot from an otserver ?


get a life dude
Originally posted by Okxy on 18.08.2018 00:39

get a life dude

get a hand dude
alredy got 2
Originally posted by Azebage on 14.08.2018 13:38
1. Create 10 afkbot moneymakers
2. Create 1 main char and afkbot all the way up
3. Bombard the market with insane prices because you get 15kk per day

Edit: Falcon bosses are also hot shit right now!! Don't miss your chance, 8 minute respawn cd, new reward system, closed rooms so other mobs don't disturb (except gaunder), just go ahead and fill the boss rooms with as many afkbots as there are sqms and drown in rares!

Real players will leave eventually. Just give it some time and we will have ourselves a fully functional bot simulator ot.

In all seriousness tho, I like this server but the problem needs addressing. Anyone can bot, but what's the point? Only real players can bring life and activity.

I've seen this mentioned in previous forum posts by other players. If the GM's don't wanna address this issue that's cool, it's their server and I came here by my own will and will leave the same way.

how many afkbot do u use, dude? HAHAHAH
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