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Bring the Damage back.

is it still that the 1 mlvl from item gives more dmg than basic mlvl from character?

I made a test with 33 hits of exevo gran mas flam.
My mlvl was 158 (143 basic + 15 from items and addon)

My target was paladin without any fire protection.

I used:
gill legs +1 mlvl
firemind raiment +4mlvl
spellbook of ancient arcana +4mlvl
yalahari mask +2mlvl (not imbued)
wand of carving +1mlvl(not imbued)
addon bonus pack 4 +3 mlvl

With this magic level my average damage was:

minimum: 714
maximum: 880

Before some changes I could deal above 1100 without crit!!!!!!!!

additionally I entered my magic lvl and lvl to a damage calculator

It looks like this:

average: 897
maximum: 1061
minimum: 733

I saw last editon you modified something with magic level from items and basic but now I just don't know what happend.

Please tell me what do you think about it.
I'm going to re-carculate those things in those days while we are creating and will post changes thanks for feedback.
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