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Update 51 - Professor Maxxen/Item changes

Today we have added another one of missing bosses The Professor Maxxen!

This boss may be found deeper in oramond glooth caves after Glooth Horror boss!

This boss is pretty difficult and he spawns glooth-generator which can one shot everything and everyone so be careful during challenging him.

It may be challenged with 1 or 5 players at once every 10 hours.

We have fixed Glooth Golem corpses wasnt as intended.
We have fixed some carniphila cave in port hope (more monsters added)
We have removed deepling scounts from Folda (its finally clear now)
We have fixed missing hole on Gray Island
We have fixed Omnivora monsters were missing in Medusa Tower port hope now as intended
We have removed custom Grim Reaper spawn in Darashia
We have Magic Longsword now has 3 imbuement slots (may be obtained by special events some day) 
We have Warlord Sword now has 2 imbuement slots (may be obtained by special events some day too)   
We have reworked all items, as we have warned you some week ago that all custom items are going to be removed and replaced to the items they are supposed to be (new items will be coming out but not custom anymore!)
We have fixed all rods wands now have proper attack power and elements
We have health of  Pandora and defenses/heals were nerfed strongly
We have fixed some The Sandking's missing spells  
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