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Useless Items

I bought in the store some items you used to sell like dragon scale legs, and other for my paladin and now they are useless... i paid for something and you changed it. I want my cooins back
In my opinion gm should be make npc, which will return coins for donate . I have all on this ots , but there are people who have nothing or very little and have spent money on it and now they have nothing. In my opinion all players on server need recompense .

You could replace the past donate items for gnome set that is available on rl.

Give gnome shield for bright shield of protection or dark shield of protection. depth ocrea for gnome legs. Make gnome helmet available and gnome sword.

Add new warzones.

ahh and fix orshabaal's loot and omrafir's loot.
This is exactly my point, I’ve donated 100$’s of dollars for there custom items and now they are useless, come Vallis... help us out, why would I donate for items you can use ingame or loot able from monsters, I wouldn’t donate. Period. The items we paid money for should be returned or upgraded even. You literally made donate items like the real thing, pointless. Your community is begging for some of the changes to stop.
I can understand the nerf of "overpowered" items. But at least plan a compensation for your donaters, BEFORE you take changes. Like stated above, we payed money for items that are not usable in any kind of way, except for decoration.

Yet I did not spend my money for decoration and never intended to.
i also bought the shield they should do a refund
If this piece of shit OT is too survive a compensation must be done.
This is a cheap way to rip of ppl money.
@Jevla Hora

Your post will be changed by Vallais for 3...2...1...
your also in 5
Any news? Server dead yet? lol

As u can see, admin is editting all posts to hide how retard he is, and setting more fake accounts in trainers
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