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fan boyzzz

can anyone tell me why i’m always the one who gets hunted down by these fan boys pro there team is literally always on my dick power abusing sending 90 lvl 400’s after me please this is literally bullshit i have lost 5 lvls in 2 days to these fucking kids it’s bullshit
literally fix this shit no one should be able to do this every server has there dicks but this is going to far they literally are always just targeting me fan voting needs to stop
Cry is free.
yea but fan boying isent that’ll 5kk for my concerts to show you kids actually how to play not just not and hunt down 1person that bought a character of someone you where hunting i don’t understand the beef against me but i guess keep the fan boy going it’s getting you no where
I hope it will get you not to cry more...
Are you serious? Try to get some psychiatrist asap dude..
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