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Missing NPC

I do quest Bigfoot's Burden Quest and I stop in Test 3: Ear Examination because I cant find NPC Doctor Gnomedix other NPC is onthe place . Somebody can help???
Many thanks.
Someone have any idea??
For warzones you dont need the quets finished.
Ok but I would like to collect token from this. There is good prices for it.
I wanted to do this quest for the outfit but missing NPC Doctor Gnomedix ;/
If somebody could fix it i will be greatfull.
which outfit contact me in-game please
I sent you letter in game because i can't catch you online
added npc manualy
Many thanks for help
I have a problem with NPC Gnomeral. He's not responding when i write mission to him.
You need to have quest on right questline made so he will respond otherwise not.
I am doing everything in order with instructions on website and should be everything alright even NPC Commander Stone told me "By the way, you rank now allows you to take aditional missions from Gnomeral in Gnomebase Alpha."
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