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11# update

  • We have enabled NEW YEAR discounts in our Shop!
  • We have added rules into the Server Info page 
  • We have added 3 new dolls into the NPC Christian        
(Event should be ending in one week! Any of those items wont be obtainable in-game anymore!!!)
  • We have changed blooming griffin claw so its not quest needed to make it 
  • We have changed slightly damage of deepling bosses (obujos,tanjis 
  • We have removed MANY outfits from Sticky Adams NPC so they are obtainable only same way as on real tibia
  • We have fixed/added some djin missing items 
  • We have fixed few zao doors what were not working (during WOtE questway)
  • We have fixed visual port hope bugs
  • We have added Christian NPC in thais depot forever now (wont disapear)
  • We have added NPC Donald MCronald missing food offers 
  • We have changed snowman event to +120 level characters can only participe in it
  • We have added increased rate of spawning snowmans around map
Reminder :(event ended)
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