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#10 update

  • We have fixed sea serpent cave visual water bugs
  • We have fixed doors on Dreamer's Challenge Quest
  • We have fixed few water vortexes on Otherworld
  • We have decreased insectoid shells spawning over the map but increased rate of Insectoid bosses spawn 
  • We have fixed doors for Damaged Steel Helmet obtaining 
  • We have finally fixed all Ferumbras' Ascendant loot (wasn't openable sometimes)
  • We have increased sight of surrender retargeting so it is not possible to bot as easy as before also its melee damage 
  • We have fixed so it is possible to use magic wall on fire field spots over the map (wasnt possible before)  
  • We have fixed Sticky Adams bugged ceiron water skin accepting *druid addon*
  • We have fixed Banuta shortcut(the secret tunel) as intended (you need egg of the many if u want to explore it,cannot be used without it)   
  • We have fixed Oramond entering pipe so it's for low levels too as intended
  • We have fixed spawning of Fire Overlord on Elemental Spheres Quest 
  • We have increased drop of silver tokens on Ferumbras' Ascendant bosses from 3 to 5 
  • We have added werewolf amulet to the Grimvale creatures it was missing  
  • We have decreased Royal Paladin damage by few % (was added before so you probably won't mention it)
  • We have fixed Oramond grims out shortcut/strange pipe
  • We have added Sam Old Backpack orc spawning during a raid (randomly)
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