1. Pretending to be part of Staff

a) It is forbidden to pretend to be a representative of Gunzodus staff, claiming to have their legitimation or power.
Result: 2 days ban, up to permanent banishment.

b) It is illegal to spread wrong or misleading info about the server situation, on chats, reports and so on, refering to GM.
Result: 5 day ban.

c) Speaking disrespectly with any staff member in public or private chats is prohibited.
Result: 2 day ban

d) Making false reports, due to personal conflicts, in order to humilitate or to interrupt somebody’s else game, without actual rule violation is proscribed.
Result: 2 day ban

2. Bug Abuse

a) It is forbidden to use any server bugs, to gain advantage over other players. Bugs should be reported immediately upon finding.
Result: 5 day ban

b) Using bugs, that can have a significant influence on the server state is strictly prohibited.
Result: Permanent Ban

3. Scam/Illegal trades

a) It is illegal to trade your character, items or in-game currency for real money or items on other servers.
Result: Permanent Ban

4. Multiclient

a) It is forbidden to block respawns, by blocking the entrance with one character, and hunting on the blocked spawn with the other character.
Result: 2 days ban

b) Using multiple character just to block depot spots, and therefore making the game harder for others is out of bounds.
Result: 2 days ban

c) It is prohibited to use multiple clients on one spawn, hunting or cooperating on bot/follow.
Result: 2 days ban on every character logged in from IP adress.

d) Using any amount of multi clients in a PVP situation or RS traps on Mcs is considered a MC abuse.
Result: 2 day ban

5. Violations of chat rules

a) Racist and inconvenient comments about any culture or religion, making fun of other countries on public chats is also inappropiate.
Result: 1-24 Hours ban

b) Spamming, so repeating one text over and over, on multiple chats or relogging on other accounts is illegal.
Result: 1-24 Hours ban

c) It is prohibited to advertise any other server, by posting links, calling players to move to other servers or anything that looks like a commercial to other games.
Result: Permanent ban

d) Help channel is an international channel, so we would appreciate if it was kept in English Language.
Result: 1-24 Hours ban

6. Destructive behaviour

a) Destroying server morale and any damage to the server reputation is strictly forbidden.
Result: 2 days ban

7. Casinos

a) Hosting multiple casinos, on Mcs is illegal, means only one is available at the same time and only possible to be used in Yalahar Depot.
Result: 2 day ban

b) Private casinos are only allowed in yalahar
c) It is prohibited to use any own random number calculation for running casino.
Result: Permanent Ban

Frequently breaking any rule above may result in deletion of all accounts logged ever from the IP that breaks the rules.