This page informs you about Roshamuul features and whats made easier.

Every monster on Roshamuul now drops with low chance unrealized Dream.

Unrealized Dream has low chances of dropping Copper prison key,Bronze prison key,Silver prison key and Golden prison key.

These keys are needed to get into the roshamuul prison bosses.

Three bosses are possible to be killed solo, fourth boss requires five people and golden prison key.

Bosses are realy difficult so carefuly choose a right tactics.

Easier way how to obtain unrealized Dream is hunting silencers/sight of surrenders from Silencer Plateau located on several places.

It must be used but take care, it will spawn a lot of silencers.

First wave contains 8 Silencers.
Second wave contains 11 Silencers.
Third wave contains 11 Silencers.
Fourth wave contains 15 Silencers.
Fifth wave spawns 1-5 Sights of Surrender at once.

Delay between first and last wave is 30 minutes,but there are more then one Silencer Plateaus on the Roshamuul.

Another way is using the "branch", this feature works almost same as the plateau but this will spawn 3-6 guzzlemaws and the last wave MawHawk.

Mawhawk and Sight of surrender has the highest chance of dropping Unrealized Dream.

So it will worth hunting them.

First time since server starts Gaz'haragoth spawns in the upper roshamuul close to Eruaran.

After first Gaz'haragoth was killed and after many Inquisition missions were done on server, the Gaz'haragoth will spawn in his spawn (deeper in roshamuul prison).