Guilds Private City War can be used to war separately from the tibia world and avoid being annoyed by anyone else then the guilds joined in.

General rules:
- The death in Arena is the same as in normal world!
- At least 80% players of the player limit must join the lobby
- This system does not require to be both guilds in War but you will gain skull, frags as in regular world
- While being in city war, you will see status information in bottom of your screen containg information about time-limit and stats

To find those arenas you have to find teleport close to the thais depot(west) and walk into it.

You will find there a lever and two come-backing teleports.
You and your oponent must stand on the Sqms of the orange color and push the lever,it's not necessary to be a leader.
Minimal level limit needed to join in to the this arena is PvP level so 80.

Lobby Room
After that you will be both teleported into the "lobby area"..

One of the players will make a decisions about: Map, Game Mode, Player Limit, Game Rules.
The second player has to accept the game rules, otherwise the lobby room will be cancelled

There are four maps to use : Thais,Yalahar,Cormaya,Edron

Following player limit option may be selected:
5 vs 5
15 vs 15
30 vs 30
no limit (min 30)


No limits
No Ulimate Explosion spells (UE)
No Ultimate Explosions (UE), Beams, or Waves
Only HMM/Iceicle runes, non-aggressive spells, and Wild Growth/Magic Wall
Only SD, non-aggressive spells, and Wild Growth/Magic Wall

Time limits:
30 minutes
60 minutes

War accept & start of war
After accepting the rules the lobby will be opened for other guild members. You can join by one of the 2 teleports in arena room.
After one minute, the lobby rooms will be checked if there are enough players to start the war, based on selected player limit. There must be at least 80% of the players.

The battle ends after frag limit is exceeded or the time limit is passed.

If one of the team is wiped, the fight will end after 3 minutes unless enough members from the losing team will join the arena.