Honor System
Honor system provides ability for players to gain certain benefits in the game.
Honor points are gained mostly for doing RPG things in the game (eg. quests, events) and also for simply being online with active connection (see table below).

Then you can use our commands to enable special Exp Bonus:
1. !expbonus10h5 - 5% exp bonus for next 10 hours - 30 honor points
2. !expbonus20h5 - 5% exp bonus for next 20 hours - 50 honor points
3. !expbonus12h10 - 10% exp bonus for next 12 hours - 80 honor points
4. More benefits are up to discussion with players

Exp Bonuses can be combined with each other. You can get total of 20% bonus for limited time! Time of bonus exp decreases if you are online or offline!

Honor points Information
Being online with active connection 1 honor point / 60 minutes
First Login 5 honor points
Streaming your character 3 unique spectators - 1 honor / 30 minutes
6 unique spectators - 2 honors / 30 minutes
Winning Zombie Event 20 honor points
Winning LMS 20 honor points
Winning DeathMatch 1st. 30 honor points
2nd. 20 honor points
3rd. 10 honor points
Winning TeamBattle 20 honor points
Special Quests 20 honor points / each
Frags 2 honor points / unjustified kill
Buying item from Shop System 1 honor point