Global Arena
Welcome, we want to introduce you to our latest feature Global Arena where 12 client only can be used otherwise you'll be kicked out of the place or every kind of your fighting abilities will be disabled for a short period of time

This place is built with the merging of four towns: Edron, Yalahar, Darashia, Libery Bay
There might be some more places added in the future, so you and your fighting team can walk between all those four cities on the Global Arena illimitable

Each boat Captain NPC of real-world map needs to be spoken in order to get into the Global Arena just speak with them the way: Hi, Arena, Yes
Additionally, there is also a magical portal located east of Thais depot, which will lead you to the town you choose.

Global Arena restrictions:
1. AOE spells/runes have their spell damage reduced by equal %
2. The death penalty is the same as on the server, so death on global arena means death in-game
3. Supreme Health Potions, Ultimate Mana Potions or Ultimate Spirit Potions gives same amount of their lower versions (Ultimate Health Potions, Great Mana Potions, or Great Spirit Potions)
4. You need to be in any guild to join the arena
5. 12.30+ client only needs to be used
6. PvP-e for all characters means you gain few experiences of which player lost during death if you are kill participial