Live Casts
Special Information: If you cast your character with at least 3 unique spectators you will receive one honor point each 30 minutes of streaming.

Current streamers
Tommy Boy
120 Elite Knight
Free to spectate.
303 Elite Knight
Password protected.

Cast Information
For Streamers:
/cast on - start casting your character
/cast off - stop casting your character
/cast description [something] - Set your stream description
/cast password [your_password] - Set your password for cast (not needed)
/cast password off - Turn off password
/cast mute [spectatorName] - Mute some viewer from chatting in your channel
/cast unmute [spectatorName] - Unmute viewer
/cast ban [spectatorName] - IP Ban some viewer

For Spectators:
1. Login to Gunzodus using empty account name and password.
2. Choose some casting character from the list.
3. You can specify your chat name by typing /name [yourName]
4. If you want to login to locked cast, login using plain account name and with a password provided by the caster.