Live Casts
Special Information: If you broadacast your character without password, you will receive 5% experience bonus!

Current streamers
Stary Buc
709 Elite Knight
Free to spectate.
Annoying Fabio
624 Elite Knight
Password protected.

Cast Information
For Streamers:
/cast on - start casting your character
/cast off - stop casting your character
/cast description [something] - Set your stream description
/cast password [your_password] - Set your password for cast (not needed)
/cast password off - Turn off password
/cast mute [spectatorName] - Mute some viewer from chatting in your channel
/cast unmute [spectatorName] - Unmute viewer
/cast ban [spectatorName] - IP Ban some viewer

For Spectators:
1. Client 10: Login to Gunzodus using empty account name and password.
Client 12+: Use account name cast and password cast to login. (Or use specified password if cast is password-protected).
2. Choose some casting character from the list.
3. You can specify your chat name by typing /name [yourName]
4. If you want to login to locked cast, login using plain account name and with a password provided by the caster.