In last days we have decided to use Gunzodus as test server before new season starts. The date of the new season was not yet determined. It may be in few weeks or few months.

Therefore, we have updated our client with latest sprites containing new outfits/mounts/items like Destruction weapons or Gnome Weapons or new sprites for the new parts of the map. So please download it ASAP because you won't be able to play without it in next days.

Download Gunzodus 10 Client

Download Gunzodus 11 Client

We also enabled new category in the store Enchanced which contain Remedy/Mayhem/Carving items and will also containt new Gnome Items later on.

Remember that all points donated from 1st March will be re-added to your account after new season starts as a thankful for being part of our testing phase.

Enjoy and have fun!
GunzOT Team.
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Update 53 - First Dragon Quest/Monsters

Today we have added missing First Dragon Quest!

This quest starts in 4 various cities.(darashia dragon lords cave,edron vampire cave,okolnir frost dragons and zao northern dragon lords cave)

Final room and cave with Ice Dragons and Haunted Dragons is located northern from Ankrahmun south dragons cave!

We have also fixed snowglobe as light source and now its turnable on/off
We have fixed crystal lamp as light sorce turnable on/off too
We have fixed ferumbras ascendant loot wasnt able to loot it sometimes now should work fine
We have added all First Dragon Maps/Bosses
We have fixed last lore keeper chamber (final teleport halls of hope) (boss will be released soon)
We have fixed all wands and rods imbuements (cannot imbued with critical hit as on real tibia only mayhem and destruction weaps can)
We have fixed Omnivora body now wont debug anyone
We have fixed Weakened Shlrog to the reward chests boss
We have fixed loots of Putrid Mummy
We have added missing fireball spell into the Sight of Surrender and reworked their loot so chances are as intended
We have added new random map with a Feyrist tematics sprites into the Team Battle!
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Update 51 - Professor Maxxen/Item changes

Today we have added another one of missing bosses The Professor Maxxen!

This boss may be found deeper in oramond glooth caves after Glooth Horror boss!

This boss is pretty difficult and he spawns glooth-generator which can one shot everything and everyone so be careful during challenging him.

It may be challenged with 1 or 5 players at once every 10 hours.

We have fixed Glooth Golem corpses wasnt as intended.
We have fixed some carniphila cave in port hope (more monsters added)
We have removed deepling scounts from Folda (its finally clear now)
We have fixed missing hole on Gray Island
We have fixed Omnivora monsters were missing in Medusa Tower port hope now as intended
We have removed custom Grim Reaper spawn in Darashia
We have Magic Longsword now has 3 imbuement slots (may be obtained by special events some day) 
We have Warlord Sword now has 2 imbuement slots (may be obtained by special events some day too)   
We have reworked all items, as we have warned you some week ago that all custom items are going to be removed and replaced to the items they are supposed to be (new items will be coming out but not custom anymore!)
We have fixed all rods wands now have proper attack power and elements
We have health of  Pandora and defenses/heals were nerfed strongly
We have fixed some The Sandking's missing spells  
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