#13 UPdate

  • We have fixed doors for draken boss task 
  • We have fixed Ceiron NPC taking demon dusts (Druid Outfit quest) 
  • We have fixed Pythius the Rotten NPC teleport blocking
  • We have fixed Raymond Striker NPC (Pirate Outfit quest)
  • We have fixed Rabaz NPC (added supreme potions) also his moving so far
  • We have fixed Ushuriel ignoring fields as intended 
  • We have added wedding outfit box (on use you obtain Wedding Outfit) 
  • We have dreaded cleaver was added to Alesar NPC
  • We have fixed teleport on Asylum out from Warlocks 
  • We have fixed few water visual bugs in svargrond
  • We have fixed one missing guild house close to outlaw camp (after ss)
  • We have fixed posibility to get down on Yalahar Quest (rift monsters)   
  • We have fixed visual bugs nortly from thais also removed bad spawning monsters
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#12 update

  • We have added possibility to enter Otherworld bosses so you can farm gold tokens for the future to create life leech and mana leech items

Also all those bosses on otherworld may be entered just once a day you can loot there such as items for Vortexion and Neon Sparkid mount   
  • We have fixed NPC Murim bank walking (not as far away now)
  • We have fixed Dragon Claw part in NPC Trisha (was wrong item)
  • We have fixed Carlin boat NPC fees
  • We have  fixed some "walkable water" on Asylum
  • We have added missing NPC Razan
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11# update

  • We have enabled NEW YEAR discounts in our Shop!
  • We have added rules into the Server Info page 
  • We have added 3 new dolls into the NPC Christian        
(Event should be ending in one week! Any of those items wont be obtainable in-game anymore!!!)
  • We have changed blooming griffin claw so its not quest needed to make it 
  • We have changed slightly damage of deepling bosses (obujos,tanjis 
  • We have removed MANY outfits from Sticky Adams NPC so they are obtainable only same way as on real tibia
  • We have fixed/added some djin missing items 
  • We have fixed few zao doors what were not working (during WOtE questway)
  • We have fixed visual port hope bugs
  • We have added Christian NPC in thais depot forever now (wont disapear)
  • We have added NPC Donald MCronald missing food offers 
  • We have changed snowman event to +120 level characters can only participe in it
  • We have added increased rate of spawning snowmans around map
Reminder :(event ended)
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