New Website


This is first news from our new website! We have worked hard in last few weeks to update our webiste with a new technologies! Therefore, we built a new website from scratch! It is one of the first things before new edition which starts on 10th October 2016.

Let me discuss with you our new ideas which are gonna be or are already implemented:
  • Frag System - System will count frags based on day, week, month and show in right information in the Game UI. Also you don't have to wait till all frags are decreased to have your skull removed. From now 3 players receives unjustified kills (Most Damage, Second Most Damage, Last Hit)
  • Addon Bonuses System - From now the addon bonuses will not be based on the wearing outfit. Instead, all outfits will give you new thing called Addon Bonus Pack. Each bonus pack gives bonuses based on which vocation is your character. There will be more bonus packs based on how much is the outfit unique in the game. Better outfit, better bonus pack!
    Honor System - Your character will receive honor points after doing special quests, winning events, streaming your character using cast system, be online with active connection or gaining frags. This honor points will be possible to use to buy some special services like Exp boost. Also it will be possible to transfer honor points for premium points!
  • Quest Makers - We will add new feature to our new website which will show you how many of the listed quests your character did. There will be also chart that will show up the best quest makers on Gunzodus!
  • Power Gamers - Power gamers page will be added too. Power gamers will be counted based on month, day, week and vocation.

This is all I can tell you so far!
Enjoy and stay tuned!
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