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13 Dec 17:46
Winter Update 2018 Pre-teaser screenshots edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 coming soon...
5 Dec 15:16
We want to announce that we are actually working on Winter Update 2018 that is sheduled on next week, proper date will be posted soon.
30 Nov 15:24
30% Experience and Skills Event has been enabled until the end of this weekend! What means players get 1/3x higher amount of the experience from creatures during the event and also skills grows 1/3x  the skill progression rate, if applicable.
27 Nov 13:10
Fourth Task Explosive Growth  is available now. You have to drag Explosive Barrels to burn down sponges that serve as food for the Diremaws. You have to explode all 5 Explosive Barrels in 5 diferent rooms. Pull the lever to take a Barrel out of the explosive barrel depot, then drag it to one of the 5 locations. With the barrel inside, use it to set it on fire.  It will explode after 5 seconds KABOOM! Can be made each four hours and reward for one task is two Surprise Jars and one 1,000,000 experience points. All those changes are going to be applied after next server save.   
22 Nov 14:02
As it was already asked many times, Oramond shortcut to the Town was added. NPC Asnarus ammo seller was placed in Roshamuul place where he was supposed to be.

Ancient Spawn Of Morgathla

With latest server save we have released another new Warzone boss of  Winter Update 2017: Ancient Spawn Of Morgathla
After defeating all 3 Warzones bosses(IV,V,VI), you'll have the chance to battle the Ancient Spawn of Morgathla(what is also chance to get 3 items necessary for Makeshift Warrior Outfits).

To do that, you'll need the tree pieces of a Strange MalletMallet HandleMallet Pommel and Mallet Head.
To open the teleport, the player who has the Strange Mallet must use it on the GONG and you will see the message BOOOOOOOONG! 
(Attention: the Strange Mallet will break and disappear once used, so make sure your team is ready to go before doing so).
Be aware of Burrowing Beetles summoned around with  Obsidian Pipes that, once they start glowing, explode dealing 2500 Fire Damage.

You need to use Huge Red Crystal Heart inside warzone areas, that action will move you to the GONG room where the mallet is supposed to be used.

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With latest server save we have released next new boss The Cults of Tibia quest called Leiden.
Also with this new boss it's coming in-game new unobtainable item Elven Mail the only one known armor with 3 imbuement slots.

Just to mention to those who never heard about this Ab'dendriel city boss Healing this boss by casting Mass Healing and using Ultimate Healing Rune (Item)is the fastest way to kill it.
Avoid using elemental damage as it heals the boss. (this tactic will be fully working after next server save due to changes in engine)

There is also an alternative way to kill the boss by attacking Wine Cask which will summon Liquor Spirits which will then cast area spells that will damage Leiden.

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The Duke Of The Depths 

With latest server save we have released another new Warzone VI boss of Winter Update 2017:

The Duke Of The Depths so its finally possible to loot another of gnome items Gnome Legs one of the best mage legs possible to obtain!

You see a gnome legs (Arm:9, magic level +2, protection energy +7%, ice -2%).
It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 200 or higher.
It weighs 25.00 oz.

Next update coming soon: (Warzone boss Ancient Spawn of Morgathla,Darashia Puzzle Dungeon...)
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