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27 Jul 2015
PvP arena,2x Exp Scrolls working again
Hello dear players,

Today we have changed few things.

Double experience scroll is finally enabled once again also added in the shop Choose gift but its price is kinda higher now.

They are working for higher levels now too!

Yasir now buys frazzlemaw skin and tongue.

PvP arena is back! As many people wanted to use it same as before we have decided to give it back,
you can find it in the depot like in older times.

Also some map gliches where was possible to get skull in arena are fixed.

InQ Twin Bosses should be working properly but now.

"Kitty" the feline bug is fixed. (it was possible to summon it and block with it any stronger bosses/monsters)

New characters in auction were added.

Thais was visually a little bit changed.(applies after server save this evening)t

Svargrond 2nd arena is working properly now (rewards at the end).

At the moment we are working at more things to get in right place so this news message may be changed during next hours.

Stay tunned.

Yours GunzodusTeam.

Posted by Vallais

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18 Jul 2015
Double Exp and Auction Characters is back!
Hello dear players,

During this weekend we have enabled Double Experience weekend(everyone gets 100% exp) and Auction Characters !

Characters not logged for the last 40 days are going to be sold in this Auction.

Characters are going to be sold in next 24 hours since they were added.

* Grim reapers "non-pvp spawn" was fixed (aplies after server save this evening)

* Few map gliches were fixed.

* Guild points can be now obtained to 220 + members online.

* Referall friend system might be working this weekend finnaly.(rewards for it are already displayed in server info)

* Zombie event map will be finnaly without any gliches after server save too.

-(also it was turned off for 1 day just to test if it doesnt bugs out,but it's turned on back again)

* Pandora opening time (after slaying the pandora) was changed from 2 to 5 minutes.

* Roshamuul items like (frezlemaw's skin and tongues are going to be added to yasir this evening).

* Farmine teleport to depot was opened.

More info is going to be displayed during this day.

Have a nice play while double exps are on(you need to relog if you were logged in before it started)!

Yours GunzodusTeam.

Posted by Vallais

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13 Jul 2015
Server update #6 Reworks/Fixes
Hello dear players,

With the upcoming update this morning we are moving our game server to the better host what might bring better connection for everyone and no lags or kicks anymore.

Server maintance might take around 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

After server save some houses with inactive players longer then 14 days are going to be cleaned so everyone may look for some house around.

Also with this update we have added some new things or some not working quests were fixed and they are working properly now.

Changed things are :

~: Your own spell cast can now be changed by yourself into the orange colour!(depends if you want it or not)

!emote is command to change your spellcast

~: Reward chest was added into the thais temple so everyone who even tries to kill bigger boss like orshabaal/ferumbras or so,can find some reward in it.

~: Depot and temple ground floor was changed from previous to the faster one.

~: Depot and Djins in the right side was merged together on the second floor and protection zone was added into the djins and rashid.

~: Gengia visual bugs over the "heads" was fixed.

~: Roshamuul prison town has now teleport back to the Thais town (to prevent single guys getting stucked after they took roshamuul as residence).

~: Svargrond arenas was changed back as before,working properly now.

~: Removed pz under 260+ Quest lvl doors.

~: Since now you wont get points just at 230 level,but also at 270 and 315!

~: Here comes the new town called Rune town for new commers,It's not possible to kill anyone in this town but the spawns are weak and not worthy to "bot" for higher levels. It is going to be something like Newcommer's town.

You can find it on thais boat.

1- small ironblight/lost bersker cave
2- weaker deeplings spawn
3- grim reapers
4- rotworms for low levels
5- easy hellspawn cave
6- dragon lair
7- hydra cave
8- slugs for lower levels (but not that low)
9- Infernalist spawn and Quest for Demon shield/Golden armor
10- Shock heads for begginers 80~+
11- Depot
12- Temple
13- Boat what may send you to any town

~: Removed protection zone from deeper oramond places that used to save people from being sneaked.

~: Pandora spawning time at 20:00 cet was bugged but it's fixed and working properly now.

~: Pre quest for demon oak was removed. (oldrak wasnt speaking with you without it,now he does)

~: Dreamer's Challenge Quest is working properly now and it's way easier.

~: The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest it's working properly now.(creating the brain)

~: Latrivan/Golgordan bosses should be fully working now.(if they wont let u go into the next seal just report it on forum we will check it and fix in few minutes,there's more people needed to test)

~: Zombie event broadcast (wrote in temple) fixed (writes in dp now).

~: Lost Paper Quest boss spawn was fixed.

~: New feature!

Enjoy those changes.

~This news can be eddited during this day cause we have changed more things but they arent finished 100%,we are still working on them.

Posted by Vallais

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