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Update #31 Minor update butterfly ring blossom bag


- Today we have added possibility obtain butterfly ring from 11.4 version of 2017 updates and some items obtainable same way as on global.  (Vol:24)

We have fixed moohtant horn drop from Moohtant was missing 
We have fixed buged Warzone bosses and tasks was not spawning right and was buged since last updates now they should work fine also tasks now give 5 minor tokens 
We have fixed Emberwing holy bomb target not on himself anymore but on target also increased its casting speed as intended 
We have we have removed possiblity drop zaoan chess box from ghastly dragon not possible to obtain anymore 
We have fixed Rathleton/Oramond Guild house now it is for a whole guild also added missing depot in it
We have fixed missing stairs in Gray Beach Guild house
We have fixed some map visual bugs
We have fixed obtaining Grey tome bug it's not possible to obtain it anymore
We have fixed Carlin houses roof tiles was buged since last client update
We have removed protection zone from rune custom town (mana shop)
We have balanced more drop rates of Warzone bosses working as intended now 

GunzOT Team.
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Update #30 - New Summons and Client Update


- Today we have updated our server to new client. Please download new client from here.
- We have added new ammunitions for paladins and wand/rod for mages all those new items may be cojured with new conjure spells (!spells for more info) 

- We have added new summons: Thundergiant, Skullfrost, Emberwing, Grovebeast
- You can use special spells to spawn each (use !spells command for more info)
- We have added latest outfits and mounts into the shop !
- We have added missing "Retro" outfits to the shop !
- We have fixed defense formula for players
- We have fixed magic level calculation with more bonus items equipped
- We have fixed !emote command - now it will emote spells of other players as well
- We have fixed spell cooldowns - now all remaining cooldowns will be displayed after login
- Summons: added summon dissapearing after 15 minutes
- Summons: Fixed summon icon
- Summons: We have enabled walking through summons outside of protection zone

GunzOT Team.
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Update #29 Minor changes/preparation for updates

We have fixed key 4055 quest for Panpipe Quest (possible to obtain key for doors inside desert dungeon) 
We have fixed few carpets teleporting now it isn't possible to teleport while pz locked anymore 
We have fixed wrong spawning items in few houses like Firlefanz   
We have fixed Abyssador and other warzone bosses duplicity spawning sometimes 
We have fixed/added Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell house in Gray beach underwater 
We have fixed Pale Count boss cave now its possible to enter it easly everytime he spawns  
We have fixed Gnomevil leaving finishing teleport to the right place as intended 
We have fixed protection amulet charges from yaman now has 250 charges (50 had before)   
We have fixed Holy Missile rune may be bought from NPC Rock in a Hard Place  
We have fixed necro house (Poi shortcut) now you wont be able enter with pz lock
We have fixed slot of energetic backpack (Vol:24) 
We have fixed spawn place of man in the cave (now is spawning properly in his cave) 

We have started to prepare for some new updates after summer here is small screenshot of new summons from global tibia that are going to be added soon

Enjoy and stay tuned for next updates,
GunzOT Team.
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