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10 Aug 2015
Server save/Changed stages sligthly
Hello dear players,

Today we had an Unexpected Maintenance but everything is working back again same as before.

We have increased experience stages since 150 to 270 slightly to let newcommers get their levels easier but not so easy.

Closer info here Server Info

Also we have fixed a lot of map visual bugs over the all game map.

With the upcomming server saves there will be changed :

Glooth amulet - charges.
Zombie map rework (tight places are going to be enlarged).
New rec key is going to be added into the shop options.
Glooth bandit spawns/cave.

and many many more...

GunzOT Team.

Posted by Vallais

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31 Jul 2015
Connection issues
Hi dear players,

Today we had some connection issues and kicks.

All this happend cause of some host's connection issues,there was like three or four more another otservers who had the same problem.

During this WEEKEND we will enable DOUBLE EXP.

There will be also enabled Gunzodis Magic Box free to everyone who loggins first time to our server.

Posted by Vallais

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27 Jul 2015
PvP arena,2x Exp Scrolls working again
Hello dear players,

Today we have changed few things.

Double experience scroll is finally enabled once again also added in the shop Choose gift but its price is kinda higher now.

They are working for higher levels now too!

Yasir now buys frazzlemaw skin and tongue.

PvP arena is back! As many people wanted to use it same as before we have decided to give it back,
you can find it in the depot like in older times.

Also some map gliches where was possible to get skull in arena are fixed.

InQ Twin Bosses should be working properly but now.

"Kitty" the feline bug is fixed. (it was possible to summon it and block with it any stronger bosses/monsters)

New characters in auction were added.

Thais was visually a little bit changed.(applies after server save this evening)t

Svargrond 2nd arena is working properly now (rewards at the end).

At the moment we are working at more things to get in right place so this news message may be changed during next hours.

Stay tunned.

Yours GunzodusTeam.

Posted by Vallais

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