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6 Aug 10:03
FURIOUS CRATER: today we have released next place of high-level areas called Furious Crater! Right now you are able to enter third part of five Goshnar's tainted caves the Furious Crater here, but keep in mind that you won't be able to pass the teleport in the Zarganash until you have finished the battle with The Pale Worm (Poltergeist Outfit) and when you are higher level than level 400. Also, all-new creatures Cloak of Terror, Vibrant Phantom, Courage Leech were already added to the Bestiary/Charm/Prey Systems. Three new energy-based creatures are awaiting you there with great loots but with a high risk of death too!   These creatures are able to critically hit you by 4x higher amount of damage but really low chance!  
4 Aug 09:43
ANCIENT LION KNIGHT:  today we have released another boss of Summer Update 2020 called The Ancient Lion Knight it's the last boss of the new Bounac castle located here. The Ancient Lion Knight will spawn in his cave every ten minutes. This also means that last and all of the Lion Items are now obtainable by a low chance from this boss. You may only enter doors to this boss once that you have succeeded in the battle with the Drume. You see a lion spellbook (Def:20, magic level +4, protection physical +3%, ice +7%). Imbuements: (Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 220 or higher. You see a lion rod (Range:5, magic level +2, critical hit chance 10%, critical extra damage +35%). Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot). It can only be wielded properly by druids of level 270 or higher.  
3 Aug 11:53
DRUME BOSS-BOUNAC:  today we have released another boss of Summer Update 2020 called Drume it's the main boss of the new Bounac castle located here. Drume will spawn along with few Usurper Knights, Archers, Warlocks. Three Usurper Commanders will spawn in the main room, beware they will summon the Hardened Usurperners by their side. After you've succeed the battle with commanders the Drume will come to the fight. The Drume is a well-known friend of the falcon commanders, so he might call any of them to fight by his side! Kill Drume as a regular boss and earn your chance to get new Lion Items, the boss may be challenged by up to five players at once and it's repeatable every twenty hours. You may only enter the Drume's place after you have already succeed in the battle with Fugue! → You see a lion spangenhelm (Arm:7, distance fighting +2, protection physical +3%, earth +5%). It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 230 or higher. You see a lion amulet (Arm:3, protection physical +3%, ice +7%). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 230 or higher. The heraldic animal of the Order of the Lion is emblazoned on this imposing amulet. It is worn with pride by true knights of the lion.  
30 Jul 10:32
RAPID RESPAWN: as every weekend there is some bonus enabled on our server, here comes again the whole weekend rapid respawn will happen and the start of this enjoyable event is going to be from July 31, 10:00 CET, until August 3, 10:00 CET. During rapid respawn, non-boss creatures, respawn three times faster than they usually do. This is your best chance to farm charm points in our bestiary/charms system as much as you can until the weekend is over!     
29 Jul 16:27
CLAUSTROPHOBIC INFERNO: new hardcore cave with deadly brachiodemons is being now reworked, tomorrow with the server save there will be released first new mechanic of those challenging grounds we will be closely checking those places and rebalancing them so they work as intended. At the first-floor cave, you will be only able to enter once per five minutes only for the duration of two minutes where your goal will be to survive or you won't be able to pass to the next floor. For now, only the first floor will have those mechanics enabled, so we can see if they are working right, more floor mechanics are going to be implemented after this change.   Remember: The more you run, the more they come!

Gunzodus 12.30+ real map server is here!

Welcome to Gunzodus server that is being developed and tested by a professional team for the past eight years with the latest updates that include the latest island of Kilmaresh-Issavi and Summer & Winter Update 2019!

Best and most complete High Rate EU Server on today's stage and we will always keep our work with the latest updates and features every day!

We offer the possibility to use both 10+ client and also 12.30 client also so everyone will find out his own way to the best.

There will be a new miraculous peninsula of Kilmaresh - new island coming to the Gunzodus lands, home to a plethora of exotic creatures like manticoressphynxes, and gryphons.

Summer Update 2020

(Claustrophobic Inferno, Rotten WastelandMirrored NightmareSoul War Quest)

Winter Update 2019

(Barren DriftZarganash, Brain Grounds, Netherworld)

Summer Update 2019

(Issavi-new city, Kilmaresh-new island, Cobra Bastion, Kilmaresh Quest-new mount)


Grave Danger Quest

This quest consists of visiting 12 graves that may have been defiled, some of them will only need a visit and the Holy Water, while others have bosses that must be fought with teams.


Kilmaresh Quest

The latest quest where you are able to obtain most cool and rare Gryphon mount, you just need to help several Villians of Issavi and build your own The Regalia of Suon from its four unique parts

New Features

Global Arena 12 client only possible to be used (PvP feature based on maps of four cities merged together where can be only 12 client used)
Warzone IV, V, VI tasks (each task rewards you with 2 surprise jars and 1.000.000 experience points)
New houses located in almost every city of Gunzodus lands
Weekend Events
(Rapid Respawn, Few % Experience Boost, Loot Boost and so on...)
Rotation of Rare Events (Rise of Devovorga, Winterlight Solstice, The Lightbearer, The Mutated Pumpkin, Feroxa)
Switching casts with ctrl+arrow (fast switching also casting your character gives you 5% experience boost)
Store in-box & loot bag inside it with infinite space working properly

Daily Reward System (most worthful rewards prey wild cards 30/60 min 50% exp boosts just for daily logging, including resting bonuses 2x stamina regen and so on)
High/Mid rate stages
Improved monsters behavior
Makeshift Warrior Outfit Quest
(Ancient Spawn of Morgathla)
Obsidian Pipes at every Warzone IV, V, VI boss that, once they start glowing, explode dealing 2500 Fire Damage
Daily boosted creature system (each one randomly picked monster yields more exp/loot/spawn rate every day)
 Hibernal Moth and Lacewing Moth taming
Exp Boost in-store from global
Inspection system
Imbuements on backpacks increasing capacity of the character
No kick from Client after death
Balanced heals 
comparing to global (no 100 level elder druids healing 2-3k+)
Stronger AoE and single target spell formulas based on old formula versions
- Carnivora's Rock 250+ the most profitable spawns

Bestiary & Charms 

e.g.: Low Blow
Adds 8% critical hit chance to attacks with critical hit weapons.
Any damage taken is reflected to the aggressor with a certain chance.


Secret Library

It is the location where Zathroth's minions store and guard the knowledge accumulated and stolen over thousands of years.
It contains magical books about the darkest of Gunzodus' magic, most of which are incomprehensible for humans.
The hardest place of Gunzodus lands which is occupied by aggressive cursed and other way diseased books might be some other kind of unpredictable magic.
The place is built for 450 levels at least and its bosses are extremely tough.

 Latest Bosses 

We are still having more and more new bosses where you can obtain Silver and Gold tokens then exchange for great high rated armors and weapons, in addition, you can charge new amulets at NPC Yana and NPC Cledwyn


Winterlight Solstice Event

The Percht Queen is awakening. Are you brave enough to resist the perishing cold that originates from her chambers and stop it from creating a neverending winter?
(new outfit/mounts)

Falcon Bastion & Cobra Bastion

The Cobra Bastion is the fortress of the Order of the Cobra. It's similar to the Falcon Bastion both in structure and in a story, since the leader of the Order of the Cobra, Scarlett Etzel, is the sister of Grand Master Oberon.
The Bastion can only be accessed by players of level 250 or higher.

And much more...

Expanded Asura Palace with its bosses that may drop silver and gold tokens
- Summer/Winter Courts 250 level spawn
Hunting Analyzer (counts your waste and profit right at the moment, only what you pick)
Darashia Elite Dungeon one of the strongest undead spawns in-game
Falcon Escutcheon forging
You see a falcon escutcheon (Def:40, protection physical +7%, fire +15%).
It can only be wielded properly by knights and paladins of level 300 or higher.
It weighs 60.00 oz.

Gold Handed cultists MOTA spawn for low levels and cash
Grimvale Quest Curse Spread  (Edron and Cormaya)
Dream Warrior Outfits quest
Only one server with fully working Imbuements, including a 3rd stage for free with imbuing backpacks (your imbue decreasing only while you're fighting)
Imbuement slots on Umbral weapons
Quick Loot/Auto Loot system
CTRL+Z reports fixed daily (100% guarantee)
Antipush/antispam block you won't be able to spam items with bot under your character
All common systems like Cast, Private Guild War, etc.
Events like Team Battle, Death Match, Pandora Event, Zombie run EventLast Man Standing(survive till you can) reward for all events is Mystery Box from store
Special Old Global Speed Formula that is very similar to old formula - your character runs significantly faster on higher levels!
Boosted party shared experience formula so hunting in a party with more vocations should be more fun and effective
Graphical indicator for the various PvP situations what are the different colored frames around characters
Gunzodus Team.
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