#9 update

  • We have changed Oramond Catacombs water pipe so it is possible only to use for levels 250 and Higher!
  • We have added Proxy into the client for American/Brazil players
  • We have added Crossbow of Mayhem into the store shop 
  • We have removed Team Battle possibility to block spawns of team (after server save)
  • We have fixed dracata doors to the pickaxe
  • We have fixed doors on Sam old Backpack Quest (dwarven armor quest)
  • We have fixed oramond grims out shortcut strange pipe
  • We have fixed carpet from farmine to the darashia and etc. so they cost no money anymore
  • We have fixed several kazordoon and ab'dendriel vizual bugs
  • We have fixed collar/ring (otherworld items) of plasma vocations restricts (not possible to wear on other vocations anymore)    
  • We have removed hiden city of beregar quest necessary on elevator and ore wagons use
  • We have added isle of the evil also it is possible to get there without quest
  • We have removed PZ from rookgard so u can try ur pvp skills on newbie island tho (after server save) 
  • We have removed bank npc from Rookgard
  • We have nerfed RP healing by few %
  • We have added werewolf amulet to the Grimvale creatures it was missing
  • We have enabled buged/missing raid Feroxa 
  • We have added grynch's clan goblin raids so you can exchange various deco items on vega with NPC Ruprecht
  • We have fixed pz bugs in Krailos island
  • We have fixed Fazzrah boss teleport positions
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Special Weekend


After Halloween weekend (which happened exactly 1 month of server start) there is gonna be next special weekend on Gunzodus.

You can experience several  bonuses during upcoming weekend:
  • 50% Experience bonus for all players
  • 30% Discount on some Shop Items
  • If you make a single donation with at least 20 EUR, you will automatically receive Full Entrepreneur Outfit
  • There will be some special events and raids happening in a world.
The weekend bonuses will start on Saturday 8:00 AM CET and will lasts till Monday 8:00 AM.

We also would like to invite you to our screenshot contest for the best level advances screenshot.
Best images are going to be posted on main site and rewarded with 200 premium points.
Send your pictures to our e-mail address: gunzodusSS@gmail.com

Stay tuned!

GunzOT Team.
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Santa Claus is COming to town!

As topic says since today till the end of the year you can meet  Santa Claus giving a presents in thais and other cities!!!

Possible various reward can be seen when you click on santa claus name.

Minimum level for reward is 50 and ofcourse you had to behave good whole year too...

Stay tunned more christmas events are coming...
Your GunzOT team.
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