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04 Jul 2015
Reward chest!
Have you ever assisted in killing the mighty Ferumbras, or joined a team to bring down the evil Orshabaal, and you always came away empty-handed? Then this new reward system will please you for sure.

With the summer update, we will add a mechanism to the game which will not only reward one single player for his courage but almost everyone who joins the fight against evil menaces such as Ferumbras, Orshabaal or Morgaroth, for example.

How will this new system work?

Picture this: A team of brave players is going to kill Ferumbras. After the heroes managed to slay him, there is a chance for everyone who helped fighting him to be rewarded.
That means, everyone who took an active part in the fight against Ferumbras will get the chance to receive his own reward. So all damage dealers, all blockers, as well as players who supported the fighters with healing, for example, will have the chance of an individual loot.

Once the boss is down, everyone who counts as an active member of the fighting team will be able to open the corpse. Now, you will see a new kind of loot bag. The loot bag will contain individual loot for every fighting team member according to his participation during the fight. In short: The more you took part in the fight, the better is your chance of a reward.
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30 Jun 2015
Equipment hotkey

Today we have added equipment hotkey they should be working properly now.

Also we would like to inform you that Referall friend sytem is going to be enabled in next days.

You can already find link to refer anyone you know to our server and get a reward BUT reward system isnt turned on yet.

Might be working in next days.(under construction...)

Shortcuts to Kazordoon mines close to dwarf bridge and others are working properly now.

Twins Inq Bosses are working now but character who lasthits Golgordan needs to enter tp as 1st otherwise it wont work. (going to be reworked when our scriter comes back from vacation)

Vendetta GM privilegies were removed due to abuse.

Also about double experience scrolls located in-game already,we will enable them soon I hope this weekend but it might be possible to get them from referall system too we are not sure yet.

GunzOT Team.

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27 Jun 2015
Server Update

A little bit changed depo design:

And here we go first power gamer hits 400 level congrats Gao Painn

On today's server save we have fixed several things.

~#~ Joining to the server is now possible from 10.77 client and 10.78 client too.
~#~ Fixed wrong pz under stairs close to manashop in Ankrahmun.
~#~ All vocations damage was slightly increased (not that much but they are a little bit stronger).
~#~ Rathleton houses floors fixed finnaly.
~#~ Gray island pz bug fixed.
~#~ Heavy trident,Glooth amulet and Glooth spear are now sellable in flint and rashid.
~#~ Guzzlemaws are now 10% weaker to ice element.
~#~ Shock head's damage rebalanced (their melee hits are decreased).
~#~ Svargrond frost dragon spawn slightly increased.
~#~ Roshamul spawns slightly decreased (comming soon world changes in Guzzlemaw valley).
~#~ Party experience doubles are now increased from 2x to 3x (4 vocations hunting in party gets 300% more experience).
~#~ Pandora event is back online! Starting every evening in carlin at 20:00 cet.
~#~ Fixed Oramond boat it was possible to block it with nub chars.

Also we would like to remain that for the next several days all players under level 320 will get double experience points. Also all players will gain 50% bonus on every donation you will make.

Stay tuned.

GunzOT Team.

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