• With next server save we are adding Yana NPC who is going to trade gold tokens for Carving and Remedy items 
  • Life Leech items will heal you for some % of damage dealed from all sources, attacks, spells etc. Weapon is infinite.
  • Mana Leech items will heal your mana for some % of damage dealed from all sources, attacks, spells etc. Weapon is infinite.
You see an axe of carving (Atk:52, Def:30 +2, mana leech chance: +100%, mana leech amount: +10%, axe fighting +2).
You see an axe of remedy (Atk:52, Def:30 +2, hit points leech chance: +100%, hit points leech amount: +12%, axe fighting +2).
Life Leech (remedy) items :          
Mana Leech (carving) items : 

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#19 UPdate/Deepling Outfit

  • We have fixed fire wallker quest starting teleport (was bugging sometimes) 
  • We have fixed White Pale bodie opening was crashing client 
  • We have added possibility to finish Deepling Outfit quest so it wont be possible anymore to get throught addon doll  
  • We have updated Flint NPC buy list 
  • We have added Jaul's Pearl,Obujos' Shell,Tanjis' Sight into their loot as intended 
  • We have added electric veins for obtaining Vial of Liquid Silver even on higher floors 
  • We have fixed few SQMs on map where wasn't possible to throw aoe spells
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#Update 18/Small changes

  • We have fixed bugged houses protection zone tiles in liberty bay.
  • We have fixed ankrahmun pz bugged tiles tho.
  • We have fixed Cornelia NPC transcriptions so it is as intended 
  • We have fixed Rift Warrior outfit male to female switching 
  • We have added protection zone into the POI shortcut as intended
  • We have fixed Umbral Master Crossbow so it adds +3 distance bonus as intended 
  • We have Holy Missile rune damage was increased so its stronger then divine missile (strike) 10-15% 
  • We have fixed missing Hydra Nest under asura palace
We will display more info about future changes soonly.. stay tunned

Also we have turned on some new item discount (20%) during following weekend :

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