Players: 130/2000

IP Address: | Version: 10.75 | Server port: 7171
Most powerful guilds

#1 Open Dominando

1232 kills

#2 ProForma

705 kills

#3 Destiny

673 kills
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19 Apr 2015
Information regarding Wipe!

As you can see, the support team has made a decision to reset the server. Our decision was based on low amount of players and lack of new updates. We considered several things to be changed after the reset.

Regarding Premium Points:
ALL Premium points donated from the 1st January 2015 till the reset will be recovered back to your accounts from PayPal as long as ZayPay. We decided that this date is pretty fair compared to other servers.

New Features:
- Oramond will be added
- NEW Event: Castle Wars
- NEW Event: DeathMatch event (similiar like Rush event but based on individual frags)
- Spells reconstruction
- Protocol 10.77
- New outfits, mounts

We hope our decision will make our server better and better.

Till the reset date, the server will be configured as Hardcore-PVP and new features will be tested. All players that participate in testing stage (reporting bugs, testing events etc.) have chance to get premium points after the reset.

Gunzodus Team.

Posted by Vallais

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08 Mar 2015
New outfits and mounts!

As you can see, we have added some new features to the game!

Firstly, we have added the new mounts collection like Magic Carpet, Jade Lion, Golden Butterfly and much more to our Gunzodus Magic Box and increased chance to get it but only for limited time! Gunzodus Magic Box

Secondly, we have added new outfits to our Premium Outfit Doll (POD) and also moved some older outifts from POD to Addon doll: POD

We have also changed some gameplay settings:
- Fixed bug with logging with password to cast
- Added protocol 10.76 support
- Fixed ghazbaran annihilator
- Updated Addon Bonuses

GunzOT Team

Posted by Gunz

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06 Mar 2015
Fixed bugs & New update for Newcomers!

Today we have fixed several bugs:

  • Fixed haste & paralyze problems

  • Fixed Cast System (now it's safe to use) & fixed security hole after updating to 10.75 protocol

Also we have experienced that newcomers feel unfair so we changed our skills & magic level system as this:

  • Sorcerers & Druids will now gain Magic Level 3x faster till Mlvl 90

  • Paladins will gain magic level 2x faster till magic 15 and also shielding 2x faster till skill level 80 & Distance skill 3x faster till skill level 100

  • Knights will gain Magic Level 2x faster till 10 & gain every skill 3x faster till skill level 100

  • Also we strongly recommend to use our trainers in Thais depot instead of Offline Training System!

    GunzOT Team

    Posted by Gunz

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