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21 May 2015
Little changes.

Due to lower activity and kinda unused guild wars system we have decided to add back twist of fate bless.
Also like you for sure already known you can add payment for wars that you will decide to create,guild leaders need to own that ammount of cash in banks.

You can earn this "PvP" bless from temple Npcs same as in real tibia
Also Glooth Amulet charges are fixed now and Glooth spear is breakable.

About the ScreenShot Contest you can still send us on screens on until 24th of May.We already have few realy nice screenshots what are going to be displayd on our site.

Twist of fate blessing is in testing mode so please report us any kind of bugs caused byt that.

Disintegrate rune works properly now.

GunzOT Team.

Posted by Vallais

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19 May 2015
Server Update #4

With this update here comes the "ScreenShot Contest" what means you all can make some pretty screenshots and send them to our mail

The best screenshots are going to be rewarded with -
Flying Divan mount


Tempest mount.

Minimum level to join the Screenshot Contest is 150.

Winners are going to be displayed in next news post.
Ends on 24th of May

Also today was changed on our server:

- Guild wars payment for winning has been added. The guild leader must have the required balance in his bank account.

- Doom's damage was decreased so it is possible to easier hunt in parties on them.
- Teleport Scroll is not possible to use in PZone anymore.
- Spellbook of Darkness was changed to +5 m lvl bonus from 6 to prevent balances.
- Cooldowns on UEs are slighly decreased (2s).
- Fixed nobleman addon in Addon npc,it should be working properly now.
- Paralyze power was increased.
- Amazon armor and shield is removed now from Magic Box so those who gets it are lucky one,it not going to be obtainable yet.
- Inquisition quest is freely accesable now.
- Anti-kick protection was enabled.
- Stair hope delay 0.5 was enabled since this server save.
- Fixed pz stair bug in gray island.
- Quest on Asharoth for "Orshabaal's brain" was removed/changed to Full Wizard Outfits items.
- Fixed some Yalahar map glitches.

GunzOT Team.

Posted by Vallais

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17 May 2015
Server Update #3


Today we have made several changes on the server:

- Farmine quest doors removed.
- Deeper banuta 250 level doors removed.
- Utevo res spell fixed (possible to use already at 25 lvl).
- Amulets from djins are now with proper charges.
- Added teleport to farmine depot from farmine Pre-Quest place.
- Grim reapers at oramond are now increased and demons from them are removed.
- Roshamuul spawns Drasticly increased.
- Roshamuul supplie npc added.
- Stages changed a little and they are finnal.
- Added few more items to rashid.
- Alaistar oramond npc finnaly working properly.
- Loot increased to 3x.
- Rookgaard academy will be added soon (for Rookslayers) - there still will be possibility to start regulary from Thais
- The Blind Prophet npc now let you go to forbidden land without Quest.
- Added StairHop delay for spells and runes - configure for 0.5 second

Also we would like to inform that we have added new feature: Every player will receive 10 premium points after reaching level 230! For the players that have already reached level 230, will receive the reward after they reach next level!

GunzOT Team

Posted by Gunz

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