#16 update/valentina <3

  • We have updated Rashid NPC buy list
  • We have added missing closed traps to NPCs (feroxa traps creating) 
  • We have fixed removing sugar canes when combining with wheat (wont disapear all at one anymore) 1  + 1  = 
  • We have added Valentina NPC into the Greenshore (northly of thais) you can now buy Valentine presents only during next 2 days   
  • We have fixed Damaged steel helmet adding to the market
  • We have fixed Book of lies so it may be used as spellbook
  • We have fixed so Ghazbaran Anihi cannot be hunted with reward chest for a Ghazbaran's loots 
  • We have fixed so casino NPCs on Adventurers island arent droping money on walls
  • We have fixed Norsewoman bonus outfit pack
  • We have fixed paper part on Aesop lost papers quest (paper wont be movable anymore with browse field)
  • We have fixed all Yalahar buged bridges
  • We have fixed all missing Kazordoon houses (after server save)
  • We have fixed Zurak NPC teleporting as intended (isle of strife)
  • We have fixed all addon NPCs dialogues to same as on real
  • We have fixed random spawning white pale boss and rotworm queen boss as intended 
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#15 Update

  • You can now connect to Gunzodus using latest Tibia Client with protocol 11.01+
  • We have fixed orewagons on Hiden city of Beregar quest 
  • We have fixed Razan NPC transcripts as intended (Oriental Outfit quest) 
  • We have removed Christmas decorations around towns
  • We have fixed Rookgard chests that may cause debugs on client also added addon NPC so it wont disapear
  • We have fixed depots on Advernturers Island wont be possible to push out from depot anymore
  • We have fixed/added Guild House close to Outlaw Camp was fixed now its possible to buy it (carrot guild house) 
  • We have repaired NPC Jorge as intended (trading silver raid tokens on Adventurers Island)    
  • We have fixed some small glitches in WOTE quest
  • We have fixed several minor map bugs over a map
  • We have changed Zurak NPC so you dont need now frontier quest to travel to isle of strife 
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#update 14 & Furniture

We have added new category to the shop Decorations

You can choose from one of the following items to your house to decorate it.
Those furniture items are un-obtainable else way.

In order to open it, you now need to right-click the furniture package and choose "unwrap". An item can be rewrapped by right-clicking it and choosing "wrap". 
  • Magnificent furniture 
  • Forecious furniture 
  • Carpets  
  • Statues       
  • Tapestries    
- Also we have fixed fixed oramond pz bug tiles
- We have boosted loot of Feroxa (both boss forms)
- We have fixed Erayo/Vescu NPC transcriptions as intended
- We have fixed serveral map bugs removed snowmans from map finally

And many many more!
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