Happy annyversary 6 years together

Happy anniversary to everyone!

We have added possibility to loot surprise bags and consume bags from every creature on server with some small chance!
We have also reworked thais "retro look" and added MOTA (museum of tibia arts) with some retro things too.
Lets feel the feelings of nostalgia together.

Enjoy the party over the server,
Already 6 years your GunzOT team.
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Unless You Didn't know #32 update

As first we want to really thanks to a lot of players that trust us for a years already
and with that we would like to send you an info whats going on around.
We have added NPC Glen into a Thais depot as a party gift giver for the anniversary!!!
It's limited for a short period of time so hurry up to claim your lucky reward.

With upcoming Feyrist area located northly from roshamuul accesable with elemental shrines in temple we have also added locations spread over whole real map filled with new cool creatures.

Carlin Graveyard (east troll cave one of oldest hunt spots)

Mintwalin new cool area

Darashia minotaur tower (north east from town)

Ab'dendriel (northly from town)

Edron orc cave

We have also fixed following things:
We have fixed imbuement slot on wooden spellbook/drea.m blossom staff.
We have added NPC Valindara in feyrist depot (feyrist loot buyer).
We have fixed dream blossom staff drop rate to be more rare also butterfly ring rareness.
We have fixed NPC Valindara bug with money was buying one item for wrong price.
We have fixed the new frontier quest might be that bugs out slightly before wont happen now anymore.
We have fixed Pythius the rotten teleport wasnt letting players get in for a short period of time now works as intended.
We have changed cooldown on new summons from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

GunzOT Team.
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Server Reset & Anniversary - October


We would like to announce a special news that some may welcome and some may not like at all. After a long discussion we have decided that the best step to move forward is to do server wipe.

Gunzodus ran pretty well for the whole year of the current season. Server started 8th October 2016 and was stable and populated for the whole year. We did a lot of awesome updates, we have developed huge systems to improve your game experience as best as possible. Easily said - more has been done last year than all of the previous years together. However, popuplation decreased drastically during summer months and became not popular to start for a new players. Although, it was the best year of the Gunzodus history from its start on 20th September 2011!

Therefore, we have decided that the upcoming reset will be also an 6 years anniversary celebration. There will be a lot of events, anniversary items and raids during the celebration, specially during first week of server start. More information will be posted later.

More information about server wipe, including information about donations, updates, new map areas, will be posted on our subpage shortly.

The new season will start on
7th October 18:00 CET.

GunzOT Team.
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