Cults of tibia the false god

Today we have added another one of missing bosses this time its one and first of bosses from Cults of Tibia(.) quest, this boss is pretty difficult so be careful during challenging him

This boss can be challenged once per 20 hours and you may loot Silver and Gold tokens from him too.

Oramond Catacomb place was adjusted to work like different spawns on different day! 
They will work as the following day changes :
Monday - Oramond Minotaurs 
Tuesday -Destroyers, Hellspawns, Grim Reaeaper Dark Torturers, Demons, Hellhounds and Juggernauts
 Wednesday - War Golems, Worker golems and other                                                                                    golems
Thursday - War Golems, Worker golems and other golems
Friday -Destroyers, Hellspawns, Grim Reapers, Dark Torturers, Demons, Hellhounds and Juggernauts

Saturday -Oramond Minotaurs 
 Sunday -Destroyers, Hellspawns, Grim Reapers, Dark Torturers, Demons, Hellhounds and Juggernauts
We have reworked visual design of training rooms and trainers looktype was kinda old might look more fresh now
We have fixed Sparkion/Breach Brood/Reality Reaver immunities to proper and element rezists
We have fixed Tarbaz imunities now he's not immune to fire/earth/energy as intended
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Valentine's day NPC Valentina

Love is in the air and we from Gunzodus feel it too!!

Show us in a small comic strip using screenshots what you’re going to do with your date during this special day and send them to us on [email protected].

Best screenshots are going to be displayed on site and players will be rewarded with special mount choosen by us.
As a small help we've added NPC Valentina for few days so you can buy special in-love items from her.

Flowers, cakes, presents and valentine cards - only today! Show how much you care before it's too late!

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Update 47 - Glooth Horror another Oramond boss

Today we have added another one of missing bosses and one of the most rare items in-game.

You are able to challenge since now a Glooth Horror Oramond Boss once per 3 hours.
You see a glooth glider hinge.
It weighs 11.00 oz

By killing this boss he may turn into a 16 bosses at the same time so be careful during challenging him (Glooth Horror)
You are now able to get one of the parts for Glooth Glinder mount quest item 

We have also Hell-fire robe was removed from shop wont be possible to get this item anymore (on real its red tunic not obtainable item anyway) 
We have removed Roshamuul Rrison scroll now its only way to walk there as intended
We have nerfed all regeneration items such as colar of green plasma ring of green plasma soft boots and so on
We have reworked the way Raids interval running works, now will be more as in real global and more frequent
We have fixed Glooth Bomb drop Glooth Glider Gear Wheel 
We have nerfed Shielded Thorn Knight and his forms was way too strong 
We have nerfed drop Silver Tokens from Ferumbras'  Ascendant bosses
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