Update 41 - FIRE PORTAL Dragonking Zyrtarch

Hello players,
With the latest server save we have added fire portal boss.
Dragonking Zyrtarch can be challenged every 20 hours as other portals too.

Also we have fixed General Murius wrong place spawning was in fury gate now as intended in mintwalin
We have fixed demon armor imbue slots wasnt working as intended now
We have fixed drop rate of bear paws from Werebear was kinda low
We have added 3 missing mounts into our shop Winter King,Armoured War Horse,Jade Lion

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Update 40 - Sowman event !

Hello players,
With the latest server save we have enabled snowman event you may harvester snowman event tokens over a tibia map and exchange them for rewards from NPC Christian.

We have removed exhaustion on stair jumping
We have fixed issue on NPC Lorek that he teleports you while pz locked
We have reworked damage balance of Guzzlemaw/Frazzlemaw/Silencer so its way more as it should be
We have reworked hit chance of Diamond Arrows shouldnt miss now with them
We have fixed Bow of Mayhem stats from +4 attack +3% hit chance to +6 attack +6% hit chance
We have reworked and fixed Feroxa's damage and target changing
We have added Witch Hat on NPC Rashid
We have fixed exura sio level restrict back to 80
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Update 39 - Umbral weapons getting Imbuement slot

Hello players,
With the latest server save we have changed and added following things:

We have added Imbuement slots to crude umbral,umbral and umbral master items
(since now crude items will have 1 slot umbral items 2 slots and master items 3 slots)

We have fixed Kroazur feyrist Boss cleaning arena, wasnt cleaned when someone died/left
We have fixed wand of Mayhem/Carving/Remedy shoot type from fire to energy as intended
We have fixed Umbral Creation with NPC Eruaran was taking one dream matter when failed now takes clusters of solace too
we have rebalanced guzzlemaw/frazlemaw/silencer attacks as intended on real
We have thaian sword level restrict fixed to 50 level
We have fixed decoration imbue shrine its possible to imbue with it now too as intended
We have fixed defenses of Umbral Master two-handed weapons are as intended
We have fixed crystal table kit on NPC Dorbin in Yalahar
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