#4 Update

With tomorrow server save there will be fixed serveral things:

- Changed depots of Ethno, Krailos, Asylum - there will be now global depot with 3 additional Depot Chests: Please move your items to one of 17 depot boxes because those chests will be removed in couple of days!
- Fixed Depot Boxes to be possible to put more items than 30 and switch pages
- Fixed market now load items from all depot boxes
- We have fixed visual bugs on fenrock dragon lord cave and a lot another visual bugs
- We have fixed spawning Mamma longlegs boss in PoH
- We have fixed bug where was possible to get speed lower and lower with changing outfits
- We have fixed bug with event joining from protection zones
- We have fixed kitchen knife cutting the white flowers
- We have we have fixed Wote uninvited guests lever
- We have we have fixed so at the end of Wote you will get full wayfarer outfit from wardobe
- We have we have added newest potions to NPCs where it was missing
- We have removed protection zone from mana shop on Zao
- We have fixed glooth golem corpses to right one
- We have fixed Seacrest Serpents loots and items are working properly now
- We have added missing Quarra Grotto spawns (water vortexes are working properly now)
- We have fixed svar 2nd arena chest reward (rune emblems etc.)
- We have fixed Crustacea Gigantica boss spawning on treasure island also treasure island caves spawns
- We have added few custom stronger monsters in rookgard(they are hidden)
- We have fixed a lot of weapons level restrict as intended
- We have removed possibility of gaining honor points for justified kills
- We have added jester outfit quest to npc Bozo
- We have fixed Hjaern trade window (buying shards)
- We have fixed several houses bug in Rathleton
- We have fixed Doctor Gnomedix NPC spawn
- We have nerfed slightly Demon Oak spawn
- We have added added possibility to add items to marker from any depot
- We have added infinite Depot space 
We have removed Djin war factory quest restricts
- We have increased chance of spawning rare bosses over a map by 15%
- We have added Norseman outfit to the addon bonnus part
Remember all those changes are applied after tomorrow server save.

Stay tuned!
GunzOT Team
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Update #3


With today's server save we fixed couple of things:
- Prismatic boots are now possible to wear on Knights too
- We have added description what on Asylum Island is.
- Fixed equip hotkey now works for items with duration (energy ring etc.)
- Added /war stop command to stop the war (only for loosing guild)
- Fixed bonus packs to fit the information on site
- Fixed login debug with 7+ players on tile
- Removed pre-quests for In Service of Yalahar (now you only need to talk to Palimuth and Yalahari and enter last mission)
- Added possibility to recycle items in Irmana NPC in Venore
- Fixed getting Nobleman Addons NPC
- Fixed Katana Quest in Rookgaard
- Enabled Team Battle event
- Changed intervals of Pandora and Teambattle event to 2 days so everyday only one of those events will be started
- Onyx chips and Opals are sellable now in right NPCs
- Dead Weight, hemp rope, Pool of Chitinous Glue, Trapped Bad Dream Monster, Bowl of Terror Sweat, Goosebump Leather can be sold to Yasir now
- New strong bosses has started to spawn on Asylum Island (more info about them will be displayed on site)
- Added critical chance for majority of AoE Spells  (excluding the spells like Wrath of nature, rage of skies etc..)
- Enabled Egypt for payments via Fortumo
- Removed pre-quests for The Queen of the banshees Quest
Added newest potions in to the npc Rock in a Hard place (gray island)

Stay tuned!
GunzOT Team
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Update #2


After today server save we have fixed/improved several things:
- We have fixed skull remover - now it does not need re-log after using
- We have stamina now regenerates if you attack Training Dummy (50% faster)
- We have all players can now report bugs using CTRL+Z
- We have all players can now report rule violations using left click on the player
- We have fixed Pythius the Rotten quest
- We have fixed teleport from bonebeast boss
- We have updated Yasir buy list
- We have fixed the way lion's hearth is obtainable
- We have fixed respawn time on warlocks ethno and bk/heroes on asylum
- We have fixed Plague Bite damage from ice to earth
- We have increased drop of Unrealized dream from all roshamuul monsters by 10%
- We have fixed Broken Servant Sentry NPC it's now possible to get Elementalist Outfit & Addons from it
- We have changed Grim reaper,Roshamuul creatures retargeting
- We have fixed/increased/improved Inqisition bosses retargeting
- We have fixed edron rotworm cave bug
- Stone skin amulet price was changed to real like
- We have fixed Incredibly Old Witch spawn after next server save
- We have fixed Irmana NPC piece of cloth trading for other dresses

Stay tuned.
GunzOT Team.
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