- We have fixed Zao visual water bugs
- We have fixed seacrest hair/scale Alaistar NPC buy list 
- We have fixed energy wall lenght from 5 sqm to 7  
- We have added imbuement slot to bunnyslipers  

You see bunnyslippers (speed +25).
Imbuements: (Powerful Swiftness 20:0h).
It weighs 6.50 oz.
You are going to be as fast as rabbit while wearing these.

- We have added new Lupine Warden Outfit  

- We have added new Grove Keeper Outfit   
- We have added new Philosopher Outfit    

- We have added new Arena Champion Outfit 

(all those outfits are including bonus pack level 3)

- We have added six new mounts : 

Stay tuned!
GunzOT Team.
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Update #22


Today we have fixed several things on Gunzodus:
- We have fixed Prey System list saving - now your prey mosnter list won't be lifted after server save
- We have edited pool of monsters for the Prey System - now it won't roll from monsters like bosses or event mobs 
- We have added showing number of Imbuement slots of items in market
- We have fixed Rorc spawn on map so its possible to imbue convert physical damage to energy damage   
- We have fixed Gloom Wolf on map so its possible to imbue death protection as intended    
- We have fixed Jauls cave sqms some of them were pretending to be lava but they was not
- We have fixed North Port guild house also added depot
- We have updated Rashid NPC buy list and yasir buy list 
- We have updated Impaler of the Igniter as intended (changed attack) 
- We have changed Maimer attack as intended on real but it may be imbued 
- We have updated Plague Bite as intended (changed attack)  

Stay tuned!
GunzOT Team.
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Major Update April - Imbuements and more


After today's server save we have implemented several new features and map places to Gunzodus. After those changes you will not be able to play with old client (protocol version 10.99 and less), you have to use clients with protocol version 11.00 - 11.09. You can also find our custom client (MC patched) in our Download Section.


From now, you will be able to upgrade several items with so-called imbuements. Those bonuses upgrades include:
- Convert physical damage for other elemental damage
- Critical Hit, Mana Leech, Life Leech
- Skillboost
- Magic Level
- Speed bonus
More information, you can find at Imbuing Wikia page. The imbuements on Gunzodus are still in testing mode and we will be monitoring how they will affect gameplay. You can find imbuing shrine in all major city's depots and temples.

You see a sword (Atk:14, Def:12 +1).
Imbuements: (Powerful Strike 20:0h, Powerful Vampirism 20:0h).
It weighs 35.00 oz.
We have also decreased bonuses of Mayhem, Remedy and Carving weapons and replaced them with one imbuement slot.

Beginning of The Forgotten Knowledge Quest

We have added new hunting spots which are part of The Forgotten knowledge quest. All those hunting spots include new monsters. Bosses and quest NPC will be part of upon
Halls of Hope is located north-west from Thais.

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