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645 kills
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27 May 2015
Few new mounts/one outfit.

As topic says we have added new outfit called Evoker.

Its bonnuses are +3 m lvl,health +150,mana +130.

Also there came three new mounts.

They all are avaliable in shop now.


They are all ready for you

Enjoy them.

Posted by Vallais

Comments: 9

25 May 2015
Change your password & Update recovery key!

Our database was attacked by unknown hacker. We cannot tell if the hacker got all the data from our database but We strongly recommend every player to change his password AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Our account management page is:

Also we have deleted all made recovery keys so you all are able to create NEW one!!!

GunzOT Team.

Posted by Gunz

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24 May 2015
ScreenShot contest!

As everyone of you already known there was a SS contest and here are winning screenshots.

There are 3 TOP screenshots what are rewarded with the mounts (both of them).
Da Finshi Hitting 205 level congratz.

Ambrotex Hitting 250 level on hydra task congratz too.

And the last rewarded was Vanta made nice screen for us also tried to tell his
wife how far he lovesher,kidna lovely.

One funny more by Joyz making some fun around.

Enjoy your new mounts!

Thanks to all that tried to join our contest
maybe in the future we will make something like that again.

Posted by Vallais

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