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13 Apr 2014
Kazordoon mines/1st Mine rework.
Since we are listening to players and their hungers,we have decided to rework kazordoon mines to higher rank level area.

Also there was fixed some bugs like Ankrahmuns mana shop has no longer pz zone.

-1st mine from north of kazardoon mines is reworked to
Nightmare scion
Grim reaper
Undead dragon
and ghastly dragon cave since today.
-2nd and other dwarf caves will be reworked in closest days...stay tunned.
Posted by Vallais

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11 Apr 2014
Some new features

- We have added a new feature called Creature kill statistics
- Fixed command !bc for guild broadcasting
- Fixed death reduction
- Fixed Thais PZ bug
- Experience in wars should works good now
- Players won't be able to leave guild some days after the guild have joined war
- Changed damage of Sharubrak's Askarak's and increased their exps,lowered their HP.
- Changed exps rate of Speed Racers (yalahar zombies) added more exps,decreased sirvability and taken some speed.

Stay tuned,
Yours GunzOT team.

Posted by Gunz

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05 Apr 2014
LMS and zombie event are back!
Dear players,

Today we managed to add the LMS event and Zombie event
it took us a while to make it work with the new client and not give bugs but we are happy to anounce that its back!
We hope you enjoy the events :)

Kind regards,

Posted by Henkiie

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